Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BIG News!!

So I am so excited!! We are officially building our house. This has been a long time coming and its finally here. I need to actually get better updated pictures because we now have the basement dug. The 18th is the magic date because our contractor pulls on site and starts to knock it out.

Many have asked where we are building. Those familiar with Thatcher will understand-others well you'll have to come and see for yourself :)

We are building off of College St. behind his parents lot. Its a narrow lot so we've had problems designing the home we wanted, but we've come up with something I think we are going to love. It does have a basement and I will have a room for my preschool finally. I am super excited. One big disappointment and hard thing is that we are moving out of our ward. We've really grown to love our ward. Its the first ward we've really gotten to feel apart of. So that is definitely going to be hardest thing for us. But we are excited for the change. We are looking at February/March to be done and moving in. And with things finally starting to happen, time should start to fly. I'll post updates as they come as I am going to be excited to share. So enjoy this first little bit.

The dirt on the lot is literally sand. The kids LOVE playing in it and Brecklynn really took to getting dirty head to toe.

Ridge and Cambree already know where their rooms are and tell everyone who comes by where their "Ironman" and "Dot" rooms are and they are always begging to sleep there tonight ;)

I love this picture. They are all about the whole process.

SO- that's the big news. I'm excited and hope you are too. We'll actually be able to entertain guests and parties when this is done!!