Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We had a very enjoyable 4th of July!! We got to spend a lot of time together as a family. We started early on Friday with letting the kids do chalk on the sidewalk. I thought it would a simple enough of an activity. Wow, they got SO messy!! Especially Brecklynn. I was amazed at how mess she got.

Saturday, there was no early morning parade or fire trucks down the street or anything. We decided to have a fun morning ourselves. We woke up, took the kids out to eat, and then headed to main street to watch the town. We met up with GG and the kids loved the parade. It was really small but perfect for them.

Cambree was showing us how to 'properly' wave.
Ridge-when he saw the firetrucks

Right after the parade, we went to the pool. It was absolutely perfect. We stayed from 10:00-1:00. We all got ROASTED. We've never stayed so long and poor Brecklynn got a pretty bad burn on her little nose and cheeks and Curtis turned into a lobster. But we all had so much fun.

Here's all 3 babies at the pool. Could never get a good one. One was always crying, crawling off or something!

Then after good long naps, we got ready for the 4th of July (or 3rd of July) fun. I bought the girls shorts last year after the 4th. And of course, I just made their matching bows. They looked pretty cute if I do say so myself. I love Brecklynn's shoes. I got them for $1.50 at the second hand store. Her feet are a bit fat so they don't fit the best, but we had to take a picture at least :)

We headed to Pat and Steve's for pizza. Even Lan came down to share in the fun. Here are Darrek and Brecklynn. Notice the matching sunburns :)

At about 8:00 we all piled into the cars to head to the fair grounds for the fireworks. We had quite the group!! Cambree and Ava were connected at the hip the whole night. You'd think they never saw each other. I love their relationship. It was a great night and the firework show was great. We were literally underneath it with the ash falling all around us. It didn't start til 9:00 and then the fireworks lasted 30 minutes. Then you wait forever to leave. The kids were exhausted. It was a great night.

Next day, on the official 4th of July, we of course went to church. After, Roy and April suprised us all by coming down. So right after church we headed over to Pat and Steve's again to hang out for a bit. We then ate dinner with the whole family.

Ridge enjoyed a ride on the g0-cart.

Ava and Cambree did too

Then we had our own version of a fire-work show. Quite the show.

After she finally figured out that the sparklers didn't hurt, she LOVED them

All the Allen girls decided to give the go-cart a spin. It was quite the sight.

It was a wonderful day and we've enjoyed even more time with the family today. I love these times when all the families come together for a bit. Happy 4th of July!!!