Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Halloween Parties!

Today was the wonderful Preschool Halloween Parties. I have been stressing over it because its the first time doing 2 parties back to back. I was EXHAUSTED by the end- and quite frankly- so were all my kids.

So here is just before the parties started. Tesia showed up near the end of the first party and didn't even recognize Cambree at all. Cambree loves her hair!! She calls it her Hocus Pocus hair.

Ridge of course loves his Ironman costume. Despite not being able to hold things or do all the crafts, he insisted on wearing everything!! (including his gloves).
Brecklynn ran over after I took the pics of Ridge and Cambree and stood where they were. Cute!! This is a stance she does a lot lately. She crouches down like she's 'going to get you'. She'll wear her costume tomorrow :)

So here's the first party. All the kids were so cute in their costumes.

I had 3 wonderful mom helpers for the first class and they all came up with something to do. This is a marshmallow toss.

Here are all the girls in the first class (notice Cambree's RED lips :)

As part of one of the prizes, they all got dracula teeth. They were a huge hit. Ridge LOVED his teeth!

Best friends Charly Jae and Cambree and they're lovely teeth

This was in between the two parties. I was already exhausted but we got all ready for party number 2
I asked Ridge for an Ironman face- this is what I got

We tried to do doughnuts on a string and letting them eat. It was a great idea in theory. It was melting and the kids wouldn't really do it etc. So we know not to do it next year.
Ridge LOVES his cookies

This is the second class- minus Cambree. We sang songs for the parents at the end and this is them getting ready.

It was a great party at the end. I am glad it is done. I am SO tired and there was quite the mess to clean up but kids had fun. Cambree and Ridge CRASHED after the parties and were crying and whining and just a mess. They all crashed and crashed hard. So we're done and on to cleaning the costumes for tomorrow. YEAH!!