Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family Pics

We finally got an updated family pic. My SIL Rachel took them for me. I love how they turned out. I couldn't have asked for a better session. The kids were great and smiled on que. 

Mother's Day Tea

It's time again for my annual Preschool Mother's Day Tea. My mom was able to come this year and this was her first able attending. My kids were so excited. Ridge got to be with Grandma and Brecklynn got to be with Nana. The weather was perfect and it ran very smoothly. 

 Painting nails.

 Shaving legs

 Eating dips :)

Ridge is in T-ball

This was Ridge's year for sports. I didn't put Cambree in t-ball because it would be too hard dealing with 2 games and 2 practices etc. So we put only Ridge in. Surprisingly Cambree has been so supportive and great about it. She has shown Ridge how to play and cheered him on. Ridge LOVES playing. He's so cute on the field. 

 His good friend Madden MaGill who is also in Preschool. 
 His first hit of the season.

We have a tons of games left so more pics to come but its going to be a fun season and fun to watch Ridge play and learn more. 

Brielle is 1!!

Wow this post is long over due!! I can't believe she is one years old. We did a very low key birthday this year. It was kind of a hard time because we had just found out Curtis' aunt had just passed away. So her birthday wasn't much of anything. My parents came up for a bit. So I did a cake smash session with her. It went ok. 

 Here's the clean up. 

She's had a busy month too. She got tubes in her ears this past month. We were so grateful for those tubes. She had a double ear infection for about 8 weeks and it was a miserable 8 weeks. So she's been a dream ever since she's gotten them. She's so smiley. You look at her and she smiles. She loves to read books. She loves to put things in and out of cups. She is only 16.3 lbs but I love it. Keeps her a baby longer :) She REFUSES to walk. She totally can. She can stand from sitting and stand forever. But try to get her to walk she throws a fit. She also REFUSES to hold her bottle. We're really working on it though. She loves to eat tons of food and you can't eat in front of her without her getting upset that you're not sharing. She can down a full cheeseburger by her self or a cheese crisp or macaroni. 

She says momma and hi and dada. So cute!! She can go up AND down the stairs by herself. And she finally sleeps through the night again. We're really enjoying our baby. She's a sweetheart. She's got the attitude of a 10 year old but its cute- for now!

Cambree's play

Right after Cambree's recital, her class was in a play. She was a bat. She was so excited about her costume. She had a little line and it was so cute. 


We've been blessed to be surrounded by many great friends who have kids around the same ages as my kids. Its been so much fun having them around. Mike and Whitney and their two kids Brig and June left for the summer a couple weeks back and we've missed them greatly. Can't wait to have them back again so we can play again!


Cambree went back into gymnastics this year. She loved it. It was every Tuesday. She was put in a more advance class called Hot Shots so they met for 1 1/2 hours. She always came home wanting to try to do it more at home. She practiced all the time. She almost has her kick over. 

So she had her first gymnastics recital. It was quite the production. Cambree loved having makeup on.

 After the dress rehearsal we had her friends over (Charly Jae and Ava) for a bit. These three together are always so funny. They had a dance party for us. And of course took these lovely pics. 

 Here's she in the actual recital. 

 After she got some flowers. Her first in fact and she couldn't get over it. Nana came to support and she enjoyed having her 'fans' there.