Sunday, August 30, 2009


Anyone who really knows my family, know Ridge's obsession with tractors. No matter where we drive, he can pick out a tractor. He loves BIG tractors, little tractors, anything that even slightly resembles a tractor. Darren, my brother-in-law had all these tractors in a semi circle and we knew Ridge would love to go look at them. My plan is to actually blow some of these up for a poster of some kind for his room. We'll see. But we did get some cute shots. Here's a few of them.

These are all the tractors lined up. He was in heaven!!

A famous look of Ridge- looks like he is pointing at the John Deere emblem. So cute!!

I told him I wanted to take a picture and so he positioned himself this way- straddling the machine.

While we were there, we got to see the train go by. It was Ridge's first time seeing it that close. He always hears it and can pick out the sound from anything. He loved seeing it that close.

Just a precious picture of my boys. Love it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I cannot believe it has already been a month. What a crazy fast month!!

We took her in and her new stats are:
8 pounds 12 oz.
21 inches long
50% percentile for both

She was born 7 pounds 9 oz. and 19 1/2 inches. So quite the growth spurt.

Just some things about her from this month to record here. She is a great baby, just really gassy. I have tried cutting out spicy food, chocolate, and even gone compeltely dairy free. I am still going dairy free but she still really struggles with gas so we'll see. She is actually a pretty good night sleeper going to sleep about 8:00 pm and waking up at 2:00 and then 5:00. So not bad- I just need to be better about going to bed earlier to really appreciate how well she really sleeps. She's a great eater, and I am really hoping this time to nurse her more than 3 months which is all I've ever been able to do with my past two. She is awake ALOT during the day. She take a good afternoon nap but is up for about 3-4 hours in the morning and the evening. So she's been a joy and Ridge and Cambree have gotten even cuter with her as the days go. They are always asking to hold her. Cambree helps me dress her and change her diaper. Ridge insists about once a day to hold her and I have to eventually just take her away. He really loves her and I am so glad he never really experienced any jealousy.

This month has definitely been an adjustment but, not as bad as everyone has made it out to be. My next concern is going to be preschool which start in 2 weeks. I am excited about it and about being really busy again, but makes me so nervous about Brecklynn being fussy, and Ridge participating. We shall see. Brecklynn is such a joy and I can't wait to see more of her personality come out as the days, weeks, and months go on!!

Bath time

Just wanted to share a few more pics of bath time. I love having all the kids in there together. So cute, and Cambree loves bathing her.

I wish this photo was in more focus, but I still love it. Its truly the epitome of Cambree and Brecklynn's relationship- ADORE!!! I love it!!

Just a really cute shot of the kids :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Phoenix Trip and Great-Grandparents

First I'll start with this picture. My mother-in-law bought this, this last week. Of course Ridge just fell in love with it as soon as he saw it. It's a very heavy duty tractor. My mother-in-law was nice enough to let Ridge keep it here at the house for a few days. So he's been spoiled with a tractor in our yard. Its helped that Curtis finished our fence with gates and got the other section of our fence completed allowing our kids the freedom to play outside alone. So he's been doing so a lot more this week.

About a week ago, I went to go get my kids in Phoenix from my mom's house. During this time Brecklynn was introduced to a lot of my family.

This is my sweet Uncle Billy. He was so cute holding her. He did very well. I love the smile on his face.

Here is my Grandma McKnight. Brecklynn makes great-grandbaby #3.

Aunt Lorene

Just a cute picture of my brother Connor with Cambree. I love his genuine smile and Cambree's look.

Another great picture of Cambree with my Grandma Meikle

I don't like this picture of me but its the first with me and the three kids.

My Aunt Diane

Great-Grandma Meikle holding Brecklynn

Here is the group at Grandma Meikle's house.

Aunt Diane, Aunt Debbie, Grandma Meikle and Great Aunt Vivian

Then we also took Brecklynn to meet her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Dowdle.

Here is Brecklynn with Grandpa Earl Dowdle.

All the kids with Grandma Dowdle

Cambree loves her Grandpa Dowdle

So we have had a busy week or so getting Brecklynn our to meet much of her family. More pics to come though.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday was what I believe my first reality check that I am a mom of 3 kids now. It was just one of those days.

To begin with Brecklynn had a tough morning waking up at 3 and staying up until 7 or so. In the midst of that, I had laid her on my bed for a bit and she had a major blow out all over my bed meaning I had to change her, and my sheets. Didn't help that as soon as I finally got her to sleep, Ridge and Cambree woke up and not only did they wake up, Ridge woke up in a terrible mood. Nothing could please him, and you did nothing right for him.

So I was already flustered and exhausted, and yet had to get ready because we enrolled Cambree in dance yet again and needed to be completely prepared. Brecklynn woke up about 8 as I was getting ready. I fed her, and tried to lay her down and she wasn't having it. I laid out a blanket next to my bathroom and let her look around. There was no looking around, just screaming. I had to get ready so she just had to lay there and scream. Ridge was crying the whole time and whining about everything. We were finally about to go out the door, and we were already running late. Well Brecklynn decided to have one more blowout for me. It went all over me, all over her and all over the floor. Cambree and Ridge were already outside ready to go. I rushed to get Brecklynn changed, cleaned up the floor, wiped what I thought was everything off of me.

We finally got to dance and Ridge wouldn't budge unless I held him. So I had the carseat in one hand, Ridge in my other, and Cambree on my heels and we ran to class. I walk in and Cambree has an immediate breakdown. Luckily the teacher just took control and just kept her in class even though she screamed the entire time. Hopefully as we go it will get better.

But the best part of all is I get home and Curtis is there for lunch. He generously informs me, I have poop all over my backside. I didn't believe him and checked the mirror. Yep, it's all over my rear. I couldn't believe it. I had walked around with that all over me. I looked like a typical frantic mother of little kids.

My day didn't end there- Ridge took a nap and yet still woke up on the wrong side and continued to be cranky. Then I make dinner and because my stove is stupid, I burn it and have to just throw it out and frantically get something else to eat. Anyways, I felt like I had run a marathon that day and was falling asleep in my chair by 8 pm. What a day. I can laugh now, but the sad thing is I know there are more to come in the days to come. Just had to share.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blessing Day

Last Sunday we blessed Brecklynn. We did it outside of Sacrament meeting so that she could be blessed with her other two cousins at the same time and make it easier on all the family. It was quite the event.

My family came down Saturday and stayed in a hotel. It was a lot of fun enjoying their company and the kids loved having people there to spoil them.

Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting and then headed back to get a few things ready for lunch. Pat and Steve were great and hosted a lunch for everyone. We figure there were somewhere between 40-50 people there eating, but amazingly it went very smoothly.

Here's Brecklynn in her blessing outfit. Its the same one Cambree wore that my mom made out of my wedding dress.

The classic 4 generation shot.

GG trying to hold all three babies. It was quite the site.

Brecklynn and Darrek were both hungry. It was so cute because they kept finding Brecklynn's hand and sucking on it together.
The three stars of the day.

My Grandma and Grandpa Meikle came down just for the blessing- Thanks for making the trip.

Just a cute shot

Ridge doing what he does best, looking cute and playing with tractors

Baby Grady

The setup for lunch.

It was a great day and thank you to all that attended, especially those that traveled for the blessing. Curtis did a great job with the blessing and it was just a beautiful day.

Week Two

So these pics are from week two with Brecklynn. This was my first time with all 3 kids alone. It went better than expected. I even had my first supermarket experience with all 3 kids and it went relatively well. The only hard part was Ridge wanting me to hold him while I was nursing Brecklynn. Besides that, it was good. I just wish it was cooler outside so the kids could do more outside.

Both kids enjoying Brecklynn's new headbands. Ridge is in trouble with two sisters :)

I have a similar picture of Cambree in this outfit. I want to find it and really see their similarities. We'll see.

More Pics

My mom just gave me some of her pics from her camera and wanted to post them. So here they are:

Like I had said before, when my mom was staying with me, she would wake up every morning and take the kids for a walk. They loved it!!

Ridge still trying out all his new little sister's things
Love'n Grandpa's shoes

GG's first visit with Brecklynn
Cambree doing Grandpa's hair- I love this picture.