Monday, June 8, 2009

Pregnancy Update and Cambree's 3rd Birthday!! Lots of PICS...

I'm now in my 33rd week. 7 more to go... This is a picture of me with my two sister-in-laws who are all due within about 8 weeks of each other. Rachel is due in about a week, I am due in 7 and Sara is due in 8. So its a 'rare' picture of us all with our huge bellies. I envy my sister-in-laws and how cute they look this pregnant. They look still so skinny :) 

Rachel Me Sara

Cambree's birthday was the 29th of May but Curtis had scout camp that week and so I dropped off my kids at my parents to get a lot done before the baby came and preschool started again. So we celebrated this past Saturday. She was so excited and it was so fun doing it at my parents. They carried out the same birthday traditions that I grew up with. She had waffles with a birthday candle in it.

Of course what Cambree does, Ridge must do too, so he got to blow out a candle too.

Just a funny picture of Ridge. He has a strange relationship with my parents dog Benji. He can chase him forever in circles, and here he's obviously using him as a pillow. 

Here's Cambree's birthday set-up. 

This is a cake my sister Chelsie made for her. She spent forever making it, and it turned out super cute. Notice how many candles are on it....

My little 'princess' posing before she opens her presents

Okay, so here is my sister Chelsie attempting to light ALL the candles on the cake. There was so many. I said it was in honor of the fact that I feel like she is 3 going on 20 :)

Cambree tried to blow out the million candles, but was getting frustrated so we enlisted the help of the other little kids to help, and they gladly did. 

Then they helped themselves to the top layer of the cake-

Cambree's big gift was a little princess trike that sings. She loves it. 

This is Cambree and Grace (Bonnie Colyar's little girl). They hardly ever see each other but they get a long so well. Here they are looking at some of Cambree's new books and they were so cute to watch. I sure wish we could get them together more. It was fun having Bonnie, Gracie and Tucker (or Sucker how Cambree says it) at the party. 

Ridge trying Cambree's chair out. He looks a little too relaxed. Notice the crossed leg.

And yes, we caved and got one for Ridge too. I know it was Cambree's birthday but I also knew that they would fight CONSTANTLY if I had just gotten one for Cambree and I couldn't handle that. So after the party, we brought it out for Ridge. So they both love the bikes, and love to switch off bikes as well. So cute.

On Sunday, after returning home from my parents house, we threw Cambree a last minute party with the Allen family. My mother-in-law had already made a cake, so I just put on some of the decorations from her other party on it. 

Showing off her presents...
All the little ones were so excited for Cambree's gift. Cambree loved it too. It was a hair kit and cousin Luke and Ridge were all about it. 
Here Cambree is trying out the curling iron on cousin Rylee.

So now my little girl is 3 years old. I can't believe it!! She is getting so big too fast.