Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cambree's 6 year old interview!

Favorite Show: Bubble Guppies
Favorite Movie: Shamu
Favorite Song: Justin Bieber Boyfriend
Food: Cereal or lasagna
Food you don't like: pickles
One place you want to go to: Disneyland and Sea World and Zoo and Museums
What makes you happy: When I play with my little sister all the time
What makes you sad: Brecklynn just biting me on my wrist
Candy: Licorice
Toy: Barbies
Color: Blue and Purple
Favorite thing about school: Doing P.E.
Activity to do: Do chores
What was the best thing about being 5: Went to school and had some fun on the playground
Boyfriends: Yes Teagun and Carter
What do you want to be when grow up: Ariel because she is a beautiful girl

Cambree's 6th birthday Spy Party!

This year Cambree wanted to do a boy and girl party. So coming up with a theme was a bit of a challenge. With help from my mom we came up with this idea. I had a lot of fun putting this on :)

Cambree delivered speical invites to each kid that gave them code names and a handshake they had to learn to get in to the party. 

This was the set up. Bomb cake and cupcakes

Each kid was given a spy kit that had things in it they need as they went.
 Here they are giving their handshake to get in

 Once in they had come in they got fingerprinted.
 They each got a badge with their name and code name on it

 To test their listening skills they played telephone 

 Then they had to disarm the bombs by popping each other's balloons that were attached to their ankles

 There was an obstacle course with tunnels, hoops and a laser beam hall they had to go through

 Then before going outside they had to put on their disguises. I LOVED this!! They were sunglasses and mustaches. Some of the glasses wouldn't fit on their heads but they still looked so cute!!

 After heading out they had to do target practice with water balloons

 Then they attacked each other with silly string

 To refuel they had pizza and juice. They thought this was it. Then a special clue came to the door that sent them on a hunt using all their skills they learned.

 It ended up being a piñata!! 
 Everyone made out really good!!

 Then finally to singing to the birthday girl

Here is the clues they got. They had a balloon attached to them. 

Oh and last but not least here's the actual finger print card.

Overrall it was a lot of fun. Everyone walked away happy I think :) And Cambree loved it. Good time for all. Can't believe my little girl is 6 now. Makes me so sad.