Friday, September 10, 2010

Nail trouble-kind of gross!!

So about 3 weeks ago Cambree (we thought) got hurt and was losing her nail from it. It was strange to us too at first because she had a hole in her cuticle and her whole nail was just lumpy. But we just continued to attribute it to her injury. Well after Cambree came back from my mom's I noticed that this "injury" was "spreading"-yeah spreading!!

She was losing several nails from the cuticle up. Well weirdly enough, turns out my nephew also started having it too and they found out it was iron deficiency and just put him on a vitamin. So I just started putting her on a vitamin.

Then yesterday two of her nails just went bad, to worse. There was 4 more toes losing the nail and going black. So I just decided to just take her in to make sure that was all it was. They took her blood and found out that she's not anemic. She's a little low but that wouldn't cause her nail situation. The Dr. told me that it was suprisingly probably allergies or even eczema. I was shocked to hear that espeically since Cambree is my only child-or so I thought- that didn't have those things. Ridge and Brecklynn have both those things pretty bad but not Cambree. He thiks its her way of dealing with it. WEIRD!! So now we are watching it and considering taking her off milk and hopefully we'll save her nails. I just don't want her to grow up with weird nails. That's not something I want her to be insecure about as a teenager. So we'll see.

You might have to click on the pic to see it better but that is the original nail to go. You can see how fare its gone so far.

No that's not dirt, that's her nail dying.

Same thumb again but a little better.

Side note with a funny story- so I got home from the Dr. and gave Cambree and Ridge their vitamin. They both hate them but I force them to take them. I walked out to change my laundry and came back in and they appeared to have eaten their vitamins. I gave them their praises and sent them back to playing. Well I walk into Brecklynn and what does she have? Both their vitamins that's she's been gumming in her mouth, all over her hands, legs, and face. Yeah they had given Brecklynn their vitamins. I couldn't help but laugh. I got on the kids for it and they just started laughing too. What is she, a dog? :) FUNNY! They are just way too smart!!