Sunday, January 30, 2011

Painting and Cabinets are in and done!!

This week was so long and we are still recovering but we are pretty much all done with painting of the ENTIRE house and cabinets got put in yesterday.

I had no clue all that was involved in getting a house painted. Painting comes after prep and that is NOT fun. I've never caulked before and man I don't know how those that do it for a living do it. My fingers were literally bleeding everywhere. Luckily we paint and that all gets covered up. Our good friend Chace is a painter and he helped us spray the ceilings, spray our closets, and paint everything. We owe him so much.

So crazy to think we are getting so close.

This is our kitchen just before all the cabinets are in. It is showing our paint colors. The tan is throughout the house. The burgandy is only in those two walls as an accent. I was nervous about the color at first but after the cabinets got put in, I LOVE it.

This is our Master. We got the wrong color once and had to re-paint the blue wall but it was worth it. Curtis chose the dark brown. Its a very dark chocolate brown. I actually like it a lot. It matches our new bedspread.

Heres the master bath. Its BLUE. A little too blue. Its the same color as in the bedroom but its on all the walls and it is really bright, but it will get better I think. I am stenciling a lot to help break it up.

Here's the beginning of the stenciling. I only got two flowers done but will do more and in a cream color.

Brecklynn has been super clingy this week and just off her game. I am just figuring its from all the commotion of us doing the painting. We'll see. She loved watching the cabinet guy put it all together. Cracking us up.

Here's the cabinets done. I LOVE THEM. My favorite is the island.

Here's from the entry side. Notice all the dust in the air.

Tomorrow is the beginning of flooring. Should be a week or so until flooring is done and then its just all the finishing touches. Curtis has to get the siding done on the house but he started this yesterday so hopefully it will be done soon. We're getting there!!

Brecklynn is in Nursery!!

This is a week late. Brecklynn started nursery last Sunday. She has been so ready to go (what 18 month kid isn't). She just went right in and enjoyed every bit of it. I can't believe she is so old.

Had to get a group shot. Yes its bright but hey they're all looking :)