Monday, December 10, 2012

Meikle Christmas Party and Field Trip

Things are starting to get pretty busy. So I am trying to stay on top of things. Last week I got to attend one of Cambree's field trips to the Festival of the trees. It was fun for my kids to see Cambree with her class. They liked the dancing Santa too.

 Cambree's class and teacher Ms. Barney
 Cambree with her good friend Jeseyna

Saturday we went down for the Meikle Christmas party. We did our Gingerbread house contest. Kids did their own. They were quite proud of their masterpieces.

 Curti, Jaymon and my mom were on a team
 My dad and Kayla were a team
 I was with Tesia and ShanTay
 Here's Ridges Masterpiece.
 Jarica, Chelsie and Connor were a team

 This was my dad's and kaylas. Pretty creative. Its a Manger scene
 Here's ours
 Brecklynn loved wearing Aunt ShanTay's glasses
 My Grandma and Grandpa came over and 'judged' the gingerbread houses. Here are the awards.

 We took a group picture

 Then we went back to my Grandparent's house because they wanted to give my kids their gifts. It was a fun fast day.