Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brielle 3 months and Baby Blessing

Time has just flown by. I feel so terrible that I haven't taken more pictures of Brielle. It's been truly a month before I've taken out the camera to capture her. Talk about feeling guilty. Anyways, she is 3 months and a lot has changed. We took her back into the Dr. like we planned and decided that she didn't need to have all the tests we thought at first. He examined her really good and said that it didn't seem to be anything too serious and that she would grow out of it. I never took her back to the other therapist and amazingly, she did start to grow out of what ever it was that was ailing her.

Now she is gaining weight better...still small for her age but gaining. She eats full bottles without problem and for the most part is a happy baby. She is now a grinning fool and starting to really enjoy her. She has yet to fully laugh for us but you can tell she wants to. She can roll over which is funny to watch. She does it over and over and really can scoot herself around.

We finally decided to bless her this past weekend. We had tons of family that came into town which was great. We really appreciate all the support. So weird to think this was our last baby blessing. But I think Curtis is happy about that :). Thanks to everyone who came and made this day so special!!

Getting ready for church

Meikle Great Grandparents and Grandparents

Family shot- Brielle wasn't cooperating so we just did pics of her sleeping on the ottoman and everyone around her ;) It worked

It was a hard time to have it with it being nap time for several...

Whole Meikle family

All the men that helped in the blessing

Allen Grandparents

GG and another napper :)

Chace and Rachel

Teenage hall...

He claims it was the only seat left in the house

Papa hitching a ride