Monday, October 25, 2010

Basement Pour and walls!

Well things are officially underway with the basement. Its been super exciting to watch things happen on the house. Curtis has been a giddy boy getting up at 5:30 to go watch things take place.

This is the cement pump they used to pour the ground. Ridge loved watching it!!

This picture is out of place, but this is the wall materials on the cement pad.

This was all of the kids watching.

Later that evening, we went down and actually did our first walk on the basement floor. The kids though, were having more fun running up and down the dirt slopes then walking on the cement.

Brecklynn found her own little 'sand pit' where the bathroom plumbing goes.

This was yesterday. The walls were put in place and cement poured in them. Things are starting to take place. We have had some major issues with measurements and such and we are now moving the plumbing from where it was originally to another location to give the kids more room in their rooms.

This shows you how small the rooms would have been if we left it. There's Ridge's room on the left, bathroom in the middle and the girl's room on the right.
Cambree 'playing' in her room.
Ridge showing off his room.

Ridge was getting so upset at Brecklynn and Brecklynn was getting upset with Ridge for stopping her from playing. He was mad that she was ruining his bathroom. :)

Ridge showing off his 'new toilet'

Now we are moving the plumbing over, and we will wait about a week and a half for the walls to dry and then we'll get moving again. Its been fun to go down every day to see the new changes.