Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break-Dinosaur Museum

On Tuesday of Spring Break, I met my mom in Mesa and we took the kids to the Natural History Museum-or as Ridge would put it, the Dinosaur Museum. I remember going here as a kid.

We walked in and the kids were so excited just seeing the bones. Mind you, it was an elephant and not a dinosaur, but they loved it the same. Brecklynn cracked me up. She was so excited the whole time. She kept hitting herself when she would look or point at a dinosaur and she loved looking at everything.

This was the dinosaur Ridge had been waiting for. He loves triceratops and t-rex.

At one point in the museum they do a history portion and have little jail cells for the kids to go into. At first the kids were afraid to go in, but then they loved going in and shutting me out.

I have to say, the highlight of the whole thing though was this tiny tube for them to play in. Such a simple thing, but they couldn't get over it.

They had this old western movie that you could 'be apart' of and of course my kids were all over it. Cambree and Ridge loved making faces in it. Even Brecklynn loved it.

My mom bought the three kids (Ridge), a dinosaur figurine pack and Ridge was in heaven. He couldn't stop talking about it and telling everyone about his new dinosaurs. My mom kept the kids for a couple days and said that he would come up over and over again and thank her for the dinosaurs. Even now, he sleeps with the whole bag in his bed.

Thanks mom for the special day and going with us to the museum, and of course taking my kids for a couple days. My kids love being with their grandparents!!

Spring Break Zoo!

During Spring Break, my parents took the kids to the zoo. I guess it was really busy with tons of schools there but the kids still seemed to have a lot of fun.