Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Countdown begins

Well the end is here. I cannot believe this baby can be here any day. This pregnancy has zoomed by in some aspects, but dragged on in others.

I went to my Dr. appt yesterday. They wanted to induce me this weekend but I asked to wait till at least next Tuesday. I think I am the only pregnant girl to beg not to have their baby yet :). I have high blood pressure and because I am have strep B, they just want to be safe and have more control over this delivery to helpwith cost aswell. So I am officially down to be induced next Tuesday morning. I get to go in at 4:30 in the morning. YEAH :( I am 3-4 dialated however, so we'll see if I make it toTuesday. I have mixed emotions about going before then. I HATE inductions with a passion but it would be nice to be able to make it through all my important events before delivering. My preschool Mother's Day tea is Friday and my preschool Graduation is Monday... So we'll see.

So this time next week I could have had our baby. WEIRD!! Maybe I should start getting some clothes ready, or get the bed ready, or maybe figure out names. This kid just has been so pushed to the back burner with everything else that has been going on. I was actually hoping to have a couple days after my preschool graduation to get some of those things done. Guess not now :). Babies come when they want/need to andnot necessarily when I would like. But I am anxious to finally meet this littleone. I do think I am having a girl-that's just my guess but we'll see.

If I get induced, I expect tons of visitors with goodies to help pass time :) I hate being strapped to the bed like that for that long. I've only been induced once-with Cambree and it was a 12 hour induction. Yuck.

So start making guesses-will I go intolabor on my own? If so when? What will I have? How big?

Here's some fun pics from this past week. Just some cute fun pics. So hopefully next time you hear from me, I'll have the big announcement to share!

This is just a fun set of pictures. Brecklynn is starting to wear clothes that I distinctly remember Cambree wearing. So fun. They are so different and its fun to see. Here's one of my favorite outfits. The boots go up to her knee and she LOVES them!!