Monday, June 7, 2010

Ridge as a princess? and Cambree's t-ball

So its continued to be a very hectic time in the Allen family. We really haven't caught a break too much yet. But I wanted to share some of the pics from the last little bit.

For Cambree's b-day, she got a trunk of princess dresses from her Nana. As much as Cambree loves it, I think Ridge loves them just as much. He loves to play dress up with her. Curtis loves it SOO much :) So here's some of those fun pics. He makes a beautiful princess doesn't he?

Cambree is doing t-ball this summer. I was so excited to get her in this and see how she took to it. Besides the first practice and a melt down over wearing the batting helmet, she's done great. She loves the attention and loves to play. As far as the game, its boring for her and we constantly remind her to watch the ball etc. Its so entertaining to watch. These kids are clueless. Love it!!! This is from the last game she had. I'll have to post the other pics later. My parents came down for her game and Sara and Darren came along with Steve and Pat for a bit. We are so thankful for all the family support here. Makes Cambree's day :)

Ridge was so bummed that he was too little to play, but he loves to watch.

Doesn't she look so dang cute in her uniform. I love it!

My poor sweet Brecklynn. Last week from Tuesday to Thursday she was running 103 temps all day long. We heard about a fever going around for a couple days and figured that was what it was so didn't take her in. She was so congested so she couldn't eat or sleep. On Thursday, her fever went to 104.2 and decided to just take her in. Well, she had strep throat, a double ear-infection and they tested her for RSV because of her labored breathing. I felt so terrible. This poor little girl was so sick. They gave her a heavy duty shot to get her through the night and help her out. She's doing so much better now. We are still working on her congestion but she's so much better.

Well I still need to post on our wonderful family pics that Becky McArthur took. I LOVE the!!! So here ya go!!