Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amazing Race Valentine Scavenger Hunt!

Last night, we hosted our Amazing Race. We wanted to do something for our husbands this year and when I found this on My Insanity, I just had to try it out. We got 5 couples on board. The trick was, we were keeping it a secret for our husbands. Took quite a bit of planning, but in the end, I think it was worth it.

We made up clues, and put them on cards for them to find throughout. We also made these shirts for them...

All of the guys were not told pretty much anything leading up to this day. Some knew more than others, but overrall, they really had no clue what to expect. At 4:50, I told Curtis that things were going to get started and that he needed to go pick up Sam, Michael, Chace and Adam. I'll be honest, he wasn't happy about this one bit. They were then told to go to the Thatcher park. They didn't know why or what they were looking for.
My sister-in-law and brother-in-law Sara and Darren acted as the host for the race. They were there waiting for them with a big pink box and these instructions that Sara read to them:

Welcome to the Amazing Race-Valentine Edition. You were each brought here by your lovely, adoring, beautiful, smart, sexy, and talented wives. Who knew you’d be up for a challenging Valentines Day adventure.

In the box are your uniforms that you must wear for the entire race.

Also in this box is your funds for this leg of the race use them wisely.

Lastly is your video camera.

Race Rules:

1. You must wear your uniform at all times

2. You must make a video of the events and each member of the team must be in the video participating in each event including purchasing items with the funds provided.

3. You must have completed all clues and the following tasks in order to win:

Acquire a bouquet of flowers for your wife, using the funds provided

Make a gift for your wife, better be thoughtful

Good luck Boys, here’s your first clue.

Clue #1

You’ve found your first clue

That didn’t take long

You’ve got your uniform

Make sure to keep it on

Make your way with great speed,

To the first place you’ll need

To get this race in gear,

We’ll send you to a place that is near.

Head down Norton road,

To Erline’s humble abode.

At the house, there was a box of craft paper and supplies and this on the table:

Your first task in this race,

is to look at these materials in

front of your face.

Then put things together to make a card,

It really isn’t all that hard.

Make a Valentines card to your wife from you,

When you’ve all done this, then look in

The box to help you find your next clue

We were all suprised by the fact that they actually took time to make these cards.

Clue #2

Frugal people pass through Dollar Tree’s doors,

To seek an item worth a dollar and no more,

With the funds each were given

Can you buy things to make

A beautiful flower bouquet?

Be creative, and once you’ve each

made your purchase

Ask the cashier for your next clue

They each did quite well with this. Each one was a bit different. Some had balloon weights, some had foam bases and a thing of flowers....quite creative.

The next clue I can't seem to find but Brooke wrote it and it lead them to EAC's bleachers. From there they got this clue

Clue #4

Now go to the house where Curtis was raised,

Where all of you boys partied for days.

Here is where you will find your next clue,

We all wish the best of luck to you!!

Here they went to Curtis' parents home and they got this clue:

Now we are gonna test your taste

In this Amazing Race

Before you is a ‘delicious’ dish

Each person must eat a little fish

Make sure to video for proof

Upon completion, ask Pat for your next clue

Here they each had to eat a sardine. We were amazed at how some didn't mind it at all. Others though, seemed to get off without eating it at all....CURTIS!!!

Clue #5

Now that you’re full, we’ll let you know you’re

Almost done

Just one more clue, this will be a lot of fun!!

We hope that y’all are ready to groove

Your next task requires you to bust a move

Daley's home is where this will take place

You better hurry, remember this is a race!

They got to Sam's house where they got this:

Now here’s the choice of two songs from which

You must choose,

Which one, you ALL will bust a move to

Hannah Montana, or Black Eyed Peas are the names

Its all for fun, so don’t be ashamed

Once you’re finished, you’ll get your final clue

Better make sure to video tape too

Rachel put on one more song than what was listed, and of course that was the one they ultimately chose. It was "All the SIngle Ladies". They didn't do the whole song, but it was still funny to watch. Then they got their final clue:

Clue #6

Have you got your bouquet and your card, yet?

If not, do it now, or you’ll be quite upset

When you reach the finish-line

And have to turn around.

The race isn’t finished until these

things have been found.

The finish line, and your fabulous prize

Are waiting at a place familiar to your eyes.

Make your way through traffic,

Obey all the signs

And step on the mat of the home whose name rhymes with “farter!”

We tried forever to come up with a different Rhyming word, but we figured the guys would get a kick out of it. It took them to the Carter's home where we, then entire time, were making dinner for the guys.

Here's Laura making her yummy heart-shaped cupcakes
Amber and Rachel seasoning the steaks
The setup.
This was their prize at the end, candy bouquets.

Rachel-our official cook!
Brecklynn joined us in the fun and was so good. She refused to go to bed, but she was happy so it was ok. She at 4 or 5 graham crackers and was a complete mess but was so cute.
Their final clue on the Carter's door.
All of us girls
The whole group when the guys arrived
All the guys
Adam and Laura
Sam and Amber
Chace and Rachel

Michael and Brooke.

After eating, we went back to our house and watched the video of the night. It was a really fun night.