Saturday, May 28, 2011

How cute are they?

This is just a picture that truly defines their relationship and thought it was too cute not to share. Ridge is definitely a protector over his little sister. I love to watch him with her. He talks baby talk to her and helps her with everything. So stink'n cute.

Cambree's Birthday!

Cambree has been lucky and had a weeks worth of celebrations for her 5th birthday.

Last Sunday she got sung to in Primary and then she also got a cake and sung to again at my MIL. Yes this was a whole week early, but she didn't mind :)

Then we went to the valley and my parents gave her a little birthday celebration. We also went to my Grandma McKnights and she had a little cupcake for her and we sang to her there as well. She was loving all the attention.

Cambree's 5th Birthday Party!!

For the first time Cambree had her first friend birthday party. She was so excited about it. I really wanted to make sure she got a celebration despite having Brielle and our anniversary etc. May is such a busy month!

She chose who she wanted to come and her list grew with every day. But it was fun to have all the little girls over. She wanted a princess party-of course.

So here are the invitations to her party. Aunt Kayla designed them for her and they were great! She loved handing them out to everyone.

This was this morning. Brecklynn got dressed in a princess dress as well. Cambree's dress came from Aunt Teddie. She didn't even know we were doing this party. It was all meant to be.

The goody bags each girl got- crowns, wands, make-up, light up microphone, jewelry.

The 'Wonderful' cake. This cake had all kinds of issues but it finally worked out.
Just don't look at the back :) (That's her feet poking through)

Here is all the girls that came. Don't they look cute?

Maci Layton, Charly Jae Whetten, Ava Allen, McKenzie Ferrin, and Kayci Ferrin

We first painted nails

Took pictures

Put on some sparkly make-up

Had a dance party

Decorated princess frames and decorated cupcakes

She loved her party and made out good. I hope all the little girls had as much fun as I did putting it on. Thanks to my sister and her friends for coming to help. They truly help make the party a hit :)

I still cannot believe that Cambree is 5 now. She won't let me forget actually. She is constantly saying that she is now 5 and can do this and that. But I feel so old now. I'm excited to see her start this next chapter/adventure in life.

Happy Birthday Cambree

First day of Church pictures

I've already posted about the first Sunday with all the kids, but I never posted the pics, so here they are.

Brielle's first trip to the valley!

This past week I ventured out for the first time with all 4 kids. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. All the kids fit in the car and we started the trip. Unfortunately they were doing construction on the way and we got stopped for 45 minutes. That made for an interesting time. But Cambree was wonderful and saved me with Brielle and really helped feed her. While there, I got some pictures off my mom's camera of Brielle over the past couple weeks including this one. So this is a compilation of pictures.

Our good friend Rachel Norton graduated from nursing school and we all went to support her. The kids love their 'Aunt Rachel'.

Finally meeting Great-Grandma Mcknight. This is who she gets her middle name from- Christine.

4 Generation shot

All the little cousins :)

This is from my mom's camera. So this is the only shot of me and Brielle in the hospital. Love the hospital shots :)