Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday was what I believe my first reality check that I am a mom of 3 kids now. It was just one of those days.

To begin with Brecklynn had a tough morning waking up at 3 and staying up until 7 or so. In the midst of that, I had laid her on my bed for a bit and she had a major blow out all over my bed meaning I had to change her, and my sheets. Didn't help that as soon as I finally got her to sleep, Ridge and Cambree woke up and not only did they wake up, Ridge woke up in a terrible mood. Nothing could please him, and you did nothing right for him.

So I was already flustered and exhausted, and yet had to get ready because we enrolled Cambree in dance yet again and needed to be completely prepared. Brecklynn woke up about 8 as I was getting ready. I fed her, and tried to lay her down and she wasn't having it. I laid out a blanket next to my bathroom and let her look around. There was no looking around, just screaming. I had to get ready so she just had to lay there and scream. Ridge was crying the whole time and whining about everything. We were finally about to go out the door, and we were already running late. Well Brecklynn decided to have one more blowout for me. It went all over me, all over her and all over the floor. Cambree and Ridge were already outside ready to go. I rushed to get Brecklynn changed, cleaned up the floor, wiped what I thought was everything off of me.

We finally got to dance and Ridge wouldn't budge unless I held him. So I had the carseat in one hand, Ridge in my other, and Cambree on my heels and we ran to class. I walk in and Cambree has an immediate breakdown. Luckily the teacher just took control and just kept her in class even though she screamed the entire time. Hopefully as we go it will get better.

But the best part of all is I get home and Curtis is there for lunch. He generously informs me, I have poop all over my backside. I didn't believe him and checked the mirror. Yep, it's all over my rear. I couldn't believe it. I had walked around with that all over me. I looked like a typical frantic mother of little kids.

My day didn't end there- Ridge took a nap and yet still woke up on the wrong side and continued to be cranky. Then I make dinner and because my stove is stupid, I burn it and have to just throw it out and frantically get something else to eat. Anyways, I felt like I had run a marathon that day and was falling asleep in my chair by 8 pm. What a day. I can laugh now, but the sad thing is I know there are more to come in the days to come. Just had to share.