Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bunkbeds and Swimming Fun!!

So last week we decided it was time to set up the bunkbeds and begin the transition for Ridge from his crib to the bunk bed since we didn't know all it would entail. Cambree transitioned herself so we were worried about having to force Ridge over. We decided to get him a tractor comforter in hopes that would make him more excited about a 'big boy' bed. Funny enough, he hated the blanket when he first saw it. I think it frustrated him that it was only a picture and not something he could actually play with. At first he still wouldn't sleep on the bed but after I took apart the crib and made it look unusable, he took to his new bed quite easily. It's weird to think that I have an almost 3 year old and 20 month old in bunk beds. Just doesn't seem right. Now I am dealing with the constant playing at naps and night time since they are both mobile, but it's nice to have this taken care of so soon before delivering. They're growing up so big :)

This past week my in-laws decided to break out their pool for the grandkids to play with. Ridge has been against the water up until now. Hates getting in the jacuzzi or even a small pool. However, he was excited to play in this pool. It's just the right size for Cambree. She can walk around all by her self and she loves it. We spent several hours, several days in it and it was great entertainment. They loved it more with all their cousins sharing in the fun.

Here's the first time in the pool. Even cousin Ecksen joined in the fun. So cute.

All of the Evan's kids and Cambree 

First Time Fishing

Last Saturday we joined Sara and Darren up at Mt. Graham for some fishing. It was the first time the kids were exposed to it and they loved it. They both enjoyed holding the poles and Cambree even caught her very own fish. It was a great, fun day. Thanks Sara and Darren for letting us crash your family day and enjoy that time. The weather was perfect and a nice break from the heat. It was a lot of fun.

Cambree's first fish. They couldn't get over looking at touching the fish. 
Here's Cambree touching the fish. 
Both kids 'fishing' without a hook or bait, but they didn't care!!

Ridge and his Uncle Darren. He loves his Uncle Darren and sometimes I swear he is really Darren's kid. They have a really cute bond/relationship. 
Enjoying a dirty oreo

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary Babe!!- our story

I cannot believe it has already been 5 years of us being married. At the same time, it feels like yesterday that we were first dating. 

I came to EAC fall of 2002. I knew no one but quickly made great friends in my dorm. We started going to family night at Mark and Ruth Vining's home. Mark worked for a Funeral Home at the time and one of his employees at the time was Curtis Allen. In the middle of October, Curtis started coming to family home evening every once in awhile. I thought he was cute right off, but come to find out, he thought my roommate (Bonnie Colyar) was cute until he found out she was taken :) One of our first activities together was golfing. Bonnie and I were teamed with Curtis. He was quite the show off in his jeep. (And he claims he is a shy guy). 

All of us rommates decided to a huge group date early November and we were each going to ask different guys. I had no clue who to ask when Curtis came to mind. I didn't know him, know if he was interested or what. After a lot of talking into, I decided to ask him. I don't remember how I asked him but I remember Rachel Lewis now Peck answering for him at my dorm and totally making my day. So we had a great group date that was a blast and I really got to see Curtis' fun side. Practically from that point on, we were together. We had some rough patches from there till we got engaged February 2004, but it was meant to be and we both knew it. I joke that he still never really proposed to me but someday I'll get that official proposal and ring :) We got married May 21, 2004 and it's been an amazing journey since. 

Halloween dance? I can't really remember but it was a blast. We made our costumes.

Now for the rest of the story. So now its been 5 years, we've moved 8 times, experienced several job changes, difficult decisions, and have the joy of being parents to 2 1/2 kids. I look back on everything we've been through and I can't believe its only been 5 years.
I love Curtis so much. He really puts up with a lot from me and is so patient. He is the hardest working guy I know and his knowledge on handy man projects astounds me. I am so lucky to be married to him. We've been through a lot but because of how strong it has made us, I know we can make it through anything. I love you babe and Happy Anniversary!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Preschool Graduation

I cannot believe this day has already come and is now over. This day has long been anticipated by me and my preschoolers. I think I was more nervous than any of them. Its one thing to talk to 3,4, and 5 year olds but another to talk and perform for parents. So it was quite intimidating for me. Overrall, I think it went ok. There are always things I wish would have gone differently but there's always next year. For one it was hot, but luckily we were able to fit all the families under the patio with the shade. The wind kept blowing the kids hats off which distracted them from what we were doing and the kids were so shy with the songs. They practiced so loud, and lively and when it came time to actually perform, it was like they didn't even know the songs. Things were a little jumbled and I felt like I was stumbling my words a lot but we made it through. So preschool is over for the year. Now to think to next semester. I am trying to get completely prepared for the entire year in the next couple of weeks so it will hopefully be easy with a new born. We'll see. Here's where I am hoping to get some help from my readers.... I am trying to fill my registration for the fall in the next couple of weeks just so that I am prepared. So if anyone has any ideas on how to get the word out, or when etc I would appreciate any advice or ideas. I'm nervous I won't fill up with so many awesome preschools starting up but just hoping I am wrong :). Anyways, here's some fun pics from today. These were taken by my sister-in-law Rachel (thanks). 

Last day of preschool- rehearsing 

Our cute cup-cake cake. It was a lot messier than anticipated.

Pledge of Allegiance

Handing out diplomas and their own Boo Boo's to take home

All the kids one last time.

My sweet Cambree

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day and a week of updates

First off I want to wish every mother out there a very Happy Mother's Day. It still blows my mind that I am a mother. What a blessing it is to be called a mother. I have two beautiful children and it blows my mind that they are mine. I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother myself. As I progress further on my motherhood journey, I am more and more amazed at how my mother dealt with 7 kids and with as much ease as she did. I love talking to her and truly can call her my best friend. I owe her so much in my life. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

I has been a different Mother's Day for me. I have reflected a lot on the meaning of Mother's Day and what it means to me and others. I was having some down moments today thinking about how I am as a mother and my weaknesses and flaws. My kids have really worn on my patience today making me evaluate how I am as a parent and what I need to do better. Then to my surprise, my husband wrote me this beautiful two page letter at the most perfect time. He commented on my skills as a mother and my ability to raise our kids and keep up a house. He'll never know how perfect his words were for me today. Made Mother's Day perfect for me. 

Anyways, there have been some funny moments this week that I have to document and allow everyone else to enjoy. Lately, Cambree has been in a new phase in her life. I have heard of several of my nieces (Brenley and Rylee to name two) who still do this so I it makes me feel a little better about this. Anyways, Cambree has become accustom to wanting to go to the bathroom everywhere we are. I will tell her to try and go before we leave our house to stop the need to visit a bathroom while we're out, but without fail this past week, she has to go wherever we are. Friday night Curtis and I were enjoying a walk outside with the kids when Cambree decided she needed to go. We were far enough out that walking all the way back to our house would be a waste. Thankfully the college was holding ceremonies so some of the buildings were open and we went inside to use the facility. Once inside however, Cambree no longer had a need to go. Really ticked me off :) Then today at church, she did the same thing. Just wanted to go to the bathroom, not to use it but just to go. Does that make any sense. Really frustrating!! Its the same when we go to the park too. We will have just gotten there and all of the sudden she has to go. Do you know how gross that bathroom is.....

And one more bathroom story that just still cracks me up. Now this is typically a story you'd hear about a little boy doing, but nope, its my Cambree. The other day Curtis and I and my mother-in-law were sitting on her front porch talking. We heard Cambree all of the sudden calling my name. I stepped around the car to see what she needed and had a shocking scene in front of me. She was sitting on a railroad tie in the front yard, with her pants down claiming to go to the bathroom. WHAT!!! Immediately I started laughing and called Curtis over to see this as well. He couldn't believe it as well. I walked over and she still hadn't gone, again I think just fascinated by the fact she could go outside. There is a bathroom just inside. Just amazing!! Kids!

Ok, enough words. I hope that didn't bore anyone, just had to document that before I forgot. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Preschool Mother's Day Tea!!

Today was our Mother's Day Tea for my preschool. I think it went relatively well besides ending way earlier than expected :) The kids were so excited to have their mom's come to preschool and to pamper them for the day. It was so hot outside so we resorted to setting up under the porch in hopes it would be a bit cooler. We had many little activities for them to do for their mom's including first making a lei or flower necklace for their mom's.

My sweet Grandma Allen hosted it at her house since our grass still hasn't yet showed itself in our yard. She also took my place with Cambree since I had to run the event. It's neat Cambree got to have her great-grandma there with her.

Each kid got to paint their mom's nails. They turned out great with a couple colors for each mom :)

The kids then enjoyed 'shaving' their mom's legs with popsicle sticks. Made for some good laughs. I especially love the mom's faces in these pictures.

Then they massaged their backs....

We finished off the day with some cute little poems, refrehments and cute pictures.

Dathan with his mom 

Elly's little sister Reagan looking so cute...

Rylee with her mom 
Elly with her mom
Carter with him mom (he has the cutest smile)
Cambree with her great-grandma

It was a lot of fun despite the heat. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it as well and has a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!