Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas picture

I cannot believe Christmas is gone already. This time flew by!!

On Friday, we went down to Phoenix for a quick day trip to swap gifts and also welcome home my cousin Bubba from his mission. The kids enjoyed opening a couple gifts early.
These are from Great Grandma Meikle

When we got home, we did a quick stop at Great-Granny Dowdle's house. She took a hard spill the night before so that's why she has some boo boo's on her face. It was good to see her for a bit.

Saturday was an easy day and we just relaxed. About 6:00 we played some games and ate dinner and then they finally got to open their one gift- PJ's!!

Here's all my cuties all dressed up. They all looked so cute.
After we went out to look at Christmas lights. This year, Brecklynn was by far the entertaining one. She would yell about EACH AND EVERY HOUSE that even had the smallest amount of lights on it. It was all exciting and great. Made it really fun for us. Cambree and Ridge enjoyed it too.

Then we threw them all in bed and they all fell asleep pretty quickly. Then Santa came and made his visit!

Cambree's stocking and gift...a new working camera

Brecklynn got a bike

Ridge got a bike

The tree

This is how we kept the kids down this year :) We tied a knot on it to keep them in. They would sit and yell all night at different hours that it was time to come up. I would have to walk over and tell them it was only 1 or 3 or 4 in the morning. We finally gave in about 5. Kids were so excited.

Despite the minor break downs at first when Cambree thought the new bike was hers...and Ridge getting legos and yelling -I didn't ask for this for Christmas...I didn't want legos- it was a great Christmas. We had to quickly get ready for church since we had lovely 9 sacrament. It was a great day overrall.

Side note- this is more for me to remember later on but this month has been sick month for the Allen family. We were struck with the flu bug and Brielle started it at church getting me head to toe...then Curtis got it and then I got it with Ridge and Cambree. After we finally got over that week of throwing up, I popped something in my shoulder than I kid you not, hurt like I cannot explain. I had to go get it adjusted. It hurt so bad.

Then Christmas eve I started to get sick. Well I thought I was taking care of it but the day after it went from bad to worse. I went in Tuesday to find out I had a bad kidney infection. I have never had one before and man, it is some of the worse pain I have ever felt. I was on the floor or couch all day. I felt miserable. Then I got a lovely cough. So here I am now still with a terrible cough and no voice but I am hoping this is the end of sickness for me. This has been one of the hardest months for me. Hopefully the new year will bring a healthier me :)