Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 kids photo shoot

I have been wanting to take pictures of all three kids. It wasn't easy and frankly it wasn't my favorite photo shoot by far. I got a couple pics that I sort of like but I want to try to do it again and see if I can't make it any better. So enjoy these at least.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ridge is 2!!

I am so amazed!! Ridge is now 2!!! CRAZY!!!

So we all know he loves tractors- so what do you think we did for his birthday theme....TRACTORS of course!!!

So we made his tractor cake. I was first going to make a 3-D tractor cake but after thinking about it I just figured I was being too ambitious. So I just went with a simple cake with tractors on it. I think it actually turned out pretty cute.

This is Ridge finding it Sunday morning. Of course he wanted all the tractors immediately.

Here is my little 2 year old Ridge. He is so stink'n cute!!!

Sunday night we had Ridge's birthday at Nana and Papa's house. He wasn't as excited about the whole idea of a birthday but the little details of blowing out the candles and actually getting the presents he was very happy with.

He knew exactly what to do when we sang Happy Birthday.

He loves the movie Cars so we had to get him something else besides tractors- so he got...

I am not sure exactly why he was crying at this point but behind him is a tractor blanket.

It became hilarious with the rest of the gifts. They were ALL tractors. The best part was no matter how many tractors he got, he was just as excited about each one.

So here is Ridge's new collection of tractors. He loves each one and he can't stop putting them all on the tv stand playing with them. So stink'n cute.

Notice his smile here too. You don't say smile- but show me your teeth. So cute.

So now he's 2. I can't believe it!! He is actually getting one more birthday party this coming weekend at my mom's house. I'm excited for that too.

Another church photo shoot

I just had to share some more cute pictures of the kids from church yesterday. I never noticed that Cambree and Brecklynn had some what matching dresses. And Ridge got a new church outfit for his birthday, so we had to do some pictures.

This is Ridge's new 'smile'- closing his eyes

Sisterly love :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brecklynn is 2 months!!

I am taking pictures today of Ridge for his 2 year and Brecklynn for her 2 month so these are just fun pictures.

Here is Brecklynn's twin Darrek measuring up for their two months :)

Ridge loving his cousin....

Brecklynn has changed a lot this past month. A couple days before turning 2 months, she started to deliberatley smile. She smiles when you talk to her and even started talking and laughing last week. We also discovered that she is allergic to detergent. She had what we thought was really bad baby acne but it was just a rash. We have since switched to dreft and its made a world of a difference.

Here are some cute smiling pictures I got. There are more to come since she is so willing to share them :)

Her 2 month stats are:

10.5 pounds
22 1/2 inches

She is getting so big already. She is becoming more and more a baby and not a newborn. Her head is so strong. She has been a little bit harder of a baby for us. She doesn't like to be alone at all and doesn't play by herself very well. She did get some colic medicine at her last appointment and I think it has really helped. We'll see though.

Ridge still loves his sister. He is constantly commenting on how she's a 'cute baby'. Cambree loves to make her smile and loves to hold her still.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today is one of those days that has gotten me thinking about my kids and motherhood. Today Brecklynn is 2 months old (another post to come updating that). But with that, I had some time today to sit and reflect on my kids. I was trying to remember Cambree at 2 months old. I believe I can remember what she looked like, her cry, etc but I am starting to forget when I thought at that time, I would never forget. There are things that happen almost daily where I think, I hope I never forget this. I will be watching Ridge do his funny walk across the room and hoping I will remember his funny personality. I am hoping I'll remember Brecklynn's first smile, Cambree's endless expressions etc. and I start to panic. We are told (almost in a consoling way) by older people, that this is just a phase and it will pass soon enough. At times those words will seem to be a comfort-especially at church with every kid crying etc. but then I have pretty much every other time where I almost wish I could stop time and spend time with them a little more and take one more mental picture of how they are. I find myself sometimes wishing the next phase/stage would come quicker but then I start to really think of what that means-my kids are getting older. Its scary for me to think Cambree is 3 1/2. I have a 3 1/2 year old. I have 3 kids!!

I feel absolutely terrible about the fact that I don't take more pictures of my kids because I do worry about forgetting these times. I feel even more terrible about not video taping more to capture those priceless moments on camera. I wish I would have a mental journal that would automatically write itself for me to read later with all their funny little stories that come daily.

It just makes me so grateful that I do live in this time where technology can help so much with this- i.e. BLOGGING!

I love my kids so much I I love them now and the way they are now. It makes me sick to think they aren't going to stay young like this forever. However I am excited to see what each growing day brings with them. I love being a mom and the trials, emotional rollercoaster, and joys it brings me daily. I just hope I can remember this especially during 'those' moments.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Benefit Concert


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day

We had a wonderful relaxing Labor Day. We got projects done all weekend to get ready for the preschool to start, and enjoyed Monday bumming around. About 2:00 we went up to Mtn. Graham with Adam and Laura Reed and Chace and Rachel Norton (Good friends of ours). We all brought lunches up and enjoyed the cooler weather and played games. The kids were in heaven. They needed no direction or entertainment. They were happy playing in the dirt and exploring. Ridge and Gavin were constantly at odds with sharing and at one point were constantly dumping dirt on each other but they were still cute together.

As part of our entertainment, the boys got a rope and tried pulling each other up the tree. Curtis was the lightest one and the only one able to be pulled up the tree.

Adam, for the heck of it, decided he wanted to climb to the very top of this tree. We all thought he was aboslutely crazy. I still do, but he made it up and down ok. The kids thought it was so funny how pieces of the tree kept raining down on them.

It was a really fun day. It makes me want to go camping up there soon before it gets too cold. While we were there, the temperature was around 60 degrees. About 35 degrees cooler than in the valley. CRAZY!! I even got a sweatshirt on at one point. Just a great way to spend the day with the family.

A week in pictures

Its been a crazy week. I started preschool today so things have been stressful getting last minute details all together so I am a little behind in posting. So here is last week in pictures.

Ridge loves his hat so much. He refused to take it off to sleep.

Last week Cambree was showing GG her dance moves outside and turned around and missed her step and went face first into the cement. It sounded awful. I thought for sure her tooth was gone. She was covered in blood and her lip was completely cut in half. Her tooth had gone through her skin and bent back. Luckily it doesn't look like she'll lose it but man it was bad.

It was so cute, GG was trying to get her mind off of her mouth. She told her that she was going to pray for her that night and that Heavenly Father would make her feel better. Cambree started crying harder and said 'No I don't want to go to church. I am so ugly'. Oh the things they say.

Ridge has been so stink'n cute lately with Brecklynn. He loves his baby sister. He is always telling her 'its ok' when she's crying and comes and gets me to stop her crying. He loves to get down with her on the ground to play with her. I can't wait to see this little relationship grow.