Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year. It was fun having the kids older to understand the whole concept of trick-or-treating. And amazingly, the kids wore their costumes. We did a little bribing but hey it worked right?

Curtis had to work till about 4:30 so we didn't do anything before. But once he got home we started the festivities. Cambree insisted this time round to wear red lipstick. I didn't have any so I mixed face paint with lip gloss. You'll notice that the once lipstick managed to turn her lips into clown lips. Kind of funny. Ridge actually wore his costume after we told him he'd get candy.

Here's our little pumpkin.

We first went to our ward party which was also a trunk or treat deal. The kids were so stink'n cute. They insisted on holding each other's hands as they went from car to car. And Ridge was so cute about saying trick-or-treat. It sounded like 'up a tree' and he would say it loud and proud. They caught on so quickly and loved it. They made out good.

After went to Granny and Grandpa's

Lastly we ended up at Nana and Papa's.

We met up with the rest of the family there. Here's little Darrek as a little hot dog.

Here's all three babies. Grady cracked us all up. His little hat deal made his cheeks so big. It almost looked like a torture device.

Cambree ended up going with Sara and Darren's kids for a bit to do some more trick-or-treating. She got so much candy. Curtis and I then went to a costume party. It was so much fun and great to get out to do something like that. It was a ton of fun!! So it was a great holiday. I cannot believe October is gone!! Thanksgiving here we come....