Friday, March 26, 2010

Brecklynn 8 months

Brecklynn is 8 months-actually it was on the 21st so we're a bit late but oh well. I was wanting to get her picture taken but this week has been HECTIC so hasn't been time and today, well its blowing like a tornado outside so there's no chance for that. So these pics will have to do.

Brecklynn is doing so much this month.
She started clapping
She sticks her tongue out ALL the time
She says yes with her head and nod very exaggerated. Looks like she's head banging a lot.
She is so close to crawling, and could if she really tried but just won't. She is on her knees all the time but won't move her legs. She's crawled a few 'steps' but that's it.
She LOVES her siblings. They can make her laugh like no other.
She loves outside and playing in the grass and going on walks
She's an early riser. Depending on the day, she's up around 6:15 for the day-yeah me!!
Still refuses babyfood and about to give up completely on it.
Says "a-Da-Da" a lot.
Her cry is unbearable- not in the way that I hate to hear my baby cry, but literally, her cry is ear piercing. Kind of annoying. She goes from nothing to blood curdling crying in 0-60.
She can go from laying to sitting by herself very well.
Her hair is getting darker and longer
Her eyes are multi-colored and I love it!
Oh, and the big news, she got her first too on Wednesday the 24th. She is my first horrible teether where she is crying like she is in pain. I think she might be even getting tooth #2.
She loves to head butt and attack you with open mouth kisses

I love seeing her get so much more personality. I LOVE IT!!

This is the head butt that she always does and its so cute

The lovely tongue- not the best picture but it showcases that tongue:)