Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crafts, Kids Fun, and Preschool Mess!!

I've recently found a new love of crafts. Its something I have always loved doing, but recently made it more apart of my life. I LOVE IT!! Jaymon's wedding has kind of brought this all about but making a cupcake tower, picture blocks and family name clips (all pictures to come after the reception).

Since then, I have a huge list of things I want to do. Just a matter of actually doing it.
This wreath I found here Tatertots and Jello. No mine doesn't look like here with lack of places to get those same items, but I think it still turned out fun.

Now on to the kids. I had Ava and Dee over yesterday and we enjoyed a picnic outside. The weather has been so strange, yet has had some great moments. The kids have really loved getting out more.

During preschool today, I attempted a super messy craft. Attempt is definitely the key word. We pulled it off, but every kid was covered and I don't think the end result will be exactly what it should be. They still had fun. We made paper mache dinosaur eggs with balloons. They didn't quite get the concept of covering the balloons, and not souping up the balloon with the mixture. Made for interesting 'eggs'.

So here they are. We'll see how they dry. The hopes is to paint them and then have dinosaurs 'hatch' out of them. Obviously more pictures to come.