Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ha ha ha- Life can be so funny...NOT

So, today has been a 'funny' day. It totally adds to my oh so funny month that I've been experiencing. I'm not sure to laugh or cry or what anymore.

For the past 6 weeks, I feel like we've just been dealt a bad set of cards. Most of you know what's been going on but let me just lay out the basic facts.

So about a month ago I was supposed to go to my sister Kayla's huge graduation from NAU. Day before, Brecklynn was diagnosed with a double ear infection. So we didn't end up going to her graduation. But my mom were supposed to come down the following weekend to help me with my mother's day tea.

Next week rolls around and ends up my dad gets super sick with pnemonia. Wasn't good at all. So my mom ended up not coming down. Thankfully the tea worked out still. My dad stayed sick for quite awhile and ruined the plans for them to come down for the Temple Open House. I couldn't believe that luck.

We all know the next bit of luck from our San Diego trip. If not, just go to the next post. Its sure to give you a good read ;). We have been without our truck since then. Just got it back yesterday. Found out that the original problem though fixed, revealed that there was another costly problem on the horizon.

About 4 days ago Ridge started getting sick. He has been up ALL night long. To top it off, he won't take a nap. So i have been running on hardly any sleep. I figured still that it was just growing pains or teething or something.

Yesterday I finally made a trip down to my parents. I was going for Tesia's graudation and Cambree's 4th birthday. Curtis left today for scout camp. So I left yesterday to go down for the first time in over 2 months. I got there yesterday and Ridge and Brecklynn started getting sick. Ridg started getting a really croupy cough and super runny nose. Same with Brecklynn. Brecklynn was up all night last night and my throat started to hurt. This is just not good for me.
So earlier today about 4, I made the big decision to just go home. I need to not get my dad sick again, I need my kids to not be sicker longer than they have to be same with myself. So as we start home, I get just outside Superior and there has been a fatal accident. They have shut down the freeway. So I had to make the detour down to Winkelman. So what is usually a 3 hour drive, turned out to be close to 5. Brecklynn cried for nearly the whole trip and the only way to console her was to sing and with my throat already hurting, singing was the last thing I wanted to do but that was my sanity.

So now I am here, feeling terrible, and my luck runs on. We'll see what the next couple days bring. I need to salvage Cambree's bday. Curtis is gone to Scout Camp and still has no clue that I am even home.

I am just hoping for some happier news, or just an easier day. We'll see....:) Wish me luck!!