Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Kid Food Craft

Tomorrow is my preschool Thanksgiving Party. I wanted to make something for them to take home as a special treat. I found these little turkeys that I thought were super cute, and more beneficial, they are super easy to make.

Then, as part of our 'craft' time tomorrow, we are making these turkeys. They are more on the healthy side but still cute I think. Just wanted to share for those that might need an idea of something to make for Thanksgiving.

Sunday Newspaper Fun....

Every Sunday I get 3 newspapers. I usually just get my coupons out and throw the rest away. Well I tasked Curtis with removing the coupons this past week, as I was busy with Brecklynn. Next thing I know, what is usually a straight forward thing, turned into this...

Full on newspaper fight

Brecklynn enjoyed watching from the chair.

This is what 3 newspapers produce. Quite the pile!! I don't think my kids will ever look at a newspaper the same again.

These are the times you just have to let go of your instincts and enjoy the moment. It was already late and kids should have been getting ready for bed, and it was making quite the mess, but it was a neat thing to watch Curtis so involved and playful with the kids and the kids loved playing with their daddy. Its these times that I treasure and couldn't help but take pictures to capture the moment in time. Afterall, the kids did go down for bed eventually and the house was cleaned again, so my usual concerns were pointless anyways. Just had to share...