Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update on Cambree

Its been awhile since I did single updates on the kids, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do so.

Today Cambree gave her first talk in primary. I have never seen a more eager little girl. She LOVED it. And she did AWESOME!! I was so worried she'd be the type to be all excited up until she gets to the actual moment and then freaks out, but she surprised me. It was so cute watching her up on the stand getting ready, she was all smiles and waving to everyone she could see.

She also turning more and more into a little adult. Kind of scary. But I love it too. She helps keep the peace with Brecklynn and Ridge and comforts them if they need it. She helps Ridge take of his shoes or get him water. A little mom :) She loves playing with Ridge. They can play for hours alone laughing at each other laughing. Cambree loves outside still and first thing in the morning asks if she can go outside.

She loves to eat yogurt and cantaloupe. If you let her, she would choose to eat that all day every day. She hates new food but then she'll try it and she LOVES it-in her words. Always a battle with food with her.

Her favorite movies right now is: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Prince and the Frog, Spidermand, and Nim's Island. She also loves to watch that series called Life (about animals). She's an eager learner still and so mature for her little age.

Her hair is probably the longest I have ever allowed it to get and I'm debating on whether to cut it or leave it. I hate this decision. But the great thing is she's cute either way. We are constantly being told how beautiful and striking she is.

Scary for me to think that she is turning 4 in May and only has 1 more year of preschool, then I have a kindergardener.

Taking the pictures below, Cambree just knew the way she wanted to pose. Cracked me up. I seriously wonder where she comes from at times.