Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy fun day

This week has been a whirlwind but really nothing has happened :)

Ridge has been potty-training this week. All mom's know the stress/fun that is. He is finally getting the concept of it and going on his own a bit. We are still hoping for an accident free day- hopefully soon. He loves his super-hero underwear. He is so little though that he has to constantly pull them up.

Yesterday Brecklynn got her ears pierced. ABOUT TIME!! She looked so much cuter earlier but she is getting so bad at taking out her hair. I finally gave up and still took a pic. She's still cute right? I love her ears pierced. Cambree got her ear's pierced when she was about 5 months old so it was so hard waiting so long.

Cambree is such a ham. The kids were out playing ball with Curtis and she kept posing for me taking pictures.

Look at his neck vein. We always joke that if he nicked that 'little' vein when he gets upset....he would be in a world of trouble.

So just look at Cambree...

I was trying to hard to get a picture of Ridge's little crack but he is so fast at pulling up his undies, I could never snag one ;) I love how white he is though. Proof he does tan.

So Ridge is almost an official big boy, Brecklynn is cuter than ever with her ear's pierced with her Mater teeth, and Cambree is just...well Cambree :)