Thursday, March 4, 2010

A balloon, a box, and a cat=priceless memories

Its amazing how simple things in life, are really what make our lives fulfilled and enjoyable. This week has been full of these little moments that I had to document.

Curtis discovering his ability to put Cambree's hair in a mohawk with the help of some shampoo.

Grandma took Cambree and Ridge to the health fair last week to see the helicopters there. They came back with little goodies and some balloons tied to their wrists. For the next couple of hours they stayed outside on a box that was to be thrown away and sat and laughed together. It was fun as a mom to watch this little event. I love to capture these moments of my kids in innocent, pure joy.

Brecklynn still refuses to eat babyfood, but LOVES table food. I just wish she wasn't this messy- but she's so cute so it makes it all better :)

Tuesday night we had our friends over for dinner and we had had a friendly cat show up at our house with no signs of leaving. At first we were a bit afraid it was a stray with disease and we tried everything to get rid of it. (I truly mean that too). We finally gave up and the cat stayed around. The kids loved it. They couldn't stop looking at him and messing with him. This cat was so tame. Turns out, we found out later, it was Sara's missing cat Seven. How did we know? It had 7 toes. What are the odds right? Unfortunately, before Sara came to get him, it did take off and we haven't seen him again.
Cute Gavin showing the cat some love.

My oh so fair Brecklynn...
This is truly how the kids- especially Gavin, were with this cat all night.
At one point this cat was sat on, dragged across the grass by his tail, and laid on. It didn't do anything. We scolded the kids each time mind you, I don't want you to think we just let them do those things to that cat. I am just proving how tame this cat was. Truly shocked us all. Great little cat.

Just some other things from lately:
Ridge has been all about the saying 'crazy boy'. Sounds like crezy boiy. He says it all the time to anyone. It really cracks us up.
Also Ridge loves getting his hair done every day. As soon as I am done with Cambree, he insists on his hair being done next. He also has a thing with saying "no you're a tractor" when he's upset. Kind of funny.
Curtis just had his birthday, and ALL DAY the kids sang Happy Birthday to him. Ridge cracks me up with his version of songs. Curtis and I were joking the other day that when he hears the real version of Jingle Bells next Christmas, he's going to be so confused because his version is so different. He's even convincing Cambree of his versions to the songs. And they sing it LOUD and very PROUD.
Brecklynn is so mobile now. Sitting up she scoots everywhere and then gets into the crawling position and scoots for a bit. She loves outside and playing on the grass. She loves different toys. She's tired of her regular baby toys. We've resorted tooth brushes, old keys, foam pieces, cups etc. I have a feeling those will get old here soon too. She's got a double ear-infection right now and so has been so clingy lately. We've also just switched her over to bottle. Yes she finally started taking a bottle and I am having her on it full time with exception of night feedings.
Now Cambree: anytime we are at the store and she sees something that she likes and I tell her no we aren't getting it, then she always follows up with "can I ask um for Santa"?
These kids crack me up daily. Love it.