Friday, October 5, 2012

About time for a kid update again

Its been a long time since I did a formal update on my kiddos. SO I thought I would do a post on the latest events and also just an overrall update. 

First Cambree. Cambree is LOVING 1st grade. Such a change from last year where we had a battle for the first couple months of school. She actually rides to and from school this year on her bike and she is loving the independence. She has formal homework every day this year which is a bit of a change. She has math, spelling, reading and flashcards every day. She is an awesome reader. She can figure out pretty much any word and really enjoying reading. She learned her back walk over finally in gymnastics. Cambree is a natural leader and teacher. EVERYDAY she is in my preschool room after school writing on the board and pretending to teach kids, or she'll get Brecklynn (who loves to be taught by Cambree) to go in there and they literally spend hours in there playing school. Cambree is in soccer with Ridge and she's getting quite good. She's fast and can get good control of the ball. Its fun watching her grow athletically. She just lost her 2nd tooth. She was no happy because the first night she put it under her pillow and the tooth fairy didn't come. We explained it was probably a 'busy night' so she couldn't get to her. She was happy though because the next night she came and left $2. Cambree is a great helper. And a great big sister. I am enjoying watching her grow and mature every day. I forget often that she is only 6. 

Ridge just turned 5. He is a smart kid. He is reading as well. He is a very curious and inquisitive boy. Lately he's done a lot of questioning on things I never thought I would hear him question about. For instance, the other day he was asking me what 'car fax' are : ) He is very much into the solar system and has taught himself all he knows and what he knows is pretty impressive. He hears little snippets of information and can piece it together to make it make sense to him. He told me the other day that he was practicing kicking the soccer ball with 'umph and force' so that it will go far. He is ALWAYS doing kicks, and tricks and being some kind of superhero. Every night he will stay up to 11 or on just playing in his closet. We always know because the basement will be completely clean but the next morning there will be buckets and toys out everywhere. He used to be my super early rise, well now I am having to wake him up at 8:30 before preschool. Weird change. He is in soccer and loves it. He is pretty quick. He is so ready for kindergarten. Its been hard on him having ALL of his friends and cousins in school this year. 

Brecklynn is one ball of energy. She is about an inch shorter than Ridge so she's really getting tall. She started gymnastics this year too and is loving it. She goes with a couple of her little girl friends and its fun to see her get excited about it. She's loving her new tricks that she is learning. She is also getting so smart. She's got B-r-e-c down in her name. She also has learned half her letters and sounds. She loves to color and write. And like I posted about Cambree, she loves to learn. She's eager to learn more every day. She's getting more and more outgoing and enjoys now dancing along side Ridge and Cambree (which happens daily). Brecklynn has lots of new friends this year which has been fun for her to have. 

Brielle is almost 17 months. Only one more month till nursery!! Crazy to think that. She is really becoming her own. She talks like crazy now. Says 'I see" when she wants to look or have something, 'eat', 'mom', 'dad', 'bye-bye', 'nigh-nigh', 'blankie' and she'll copy anything yo try to get her to say. We've been getting her to say 'fabulous' and put her hand in the air and its pretty cute. She's definitely started the beginings of temper-tantrums. She'll see someone touch something she wants across the room and start screaming and crying for it. Or if you're sitting where she wants to sit, she'll get upset and try to push you out. She's getting pickier about eating but still is one of our best eaters. She loves to do tricks with her siblings. She'll lay down like its a trick and we have to put on a huge cheer for her :). She LOVES animals. She can count to 5. She loves to color. She's becoming more independent in eating. She won't let us feed her anymore which is quite the fun, messy affair. She still takes 2 naps thankfully. So she sleeps through preschool every day and then takes another nap in the afteroon. She loves to be the tickle monster to her siblings. She does this weird voice and chases them around making a tickle motion with her fingers. She LOVES it. She has a routine with Curtis every morning to say good bye and she gets very upset if it doesn't happen and she can hear him come home every day and starts to scream his name from where ever she is until she gets to him. She loves her daddy. 

Here are just some fun pics. There's a lot

Ellie Householder. She is only 4...look how tall she is compared to my kids :)

Brielle is in the fun habit of taking off her diaper if you leave her pants off. This day she happened to do it right after I mopped.
 These two love playing soccer and being on the same team. Its so much fun!

 Thatcher Homecoming was a couple weekends ago. It was also Curtis' 10 year. The kids had a blast. It was a very busy weekend, but so fun. The kids all got their faces painted for it and got 'tattoos'.
 Cousin D

 Some of their good friends that came back for the reunion. Brig Romney and Gavyn Reed
 Brecklynn with her little friend Channing.

 Curtis reunion
 Next day was a family picnic for the reunion.

 Curtis with some of his good buddies from High School

 Ridge celebrated his birthday at Pat's that weekend too. Every kid looks forward to their birthday sunday over there :)

 Ridge of course got to celebrate in preschool.

 GG came over to give him a special treat of cookies. Made his day!
 That night we went to Denny's with our good friends the Pecks. They won him the blue Scooby Doo dog out of the vending machine. He loves it. THis is Carter with him.
 Cambree lost her 2nd tooth!

 This is her letter to the tooth fairy.
 This is Ridge's version of the solar system. He told me where every planet was.

So hopefully I didn't forget anything. I'm sure I did. Oh well :)