Monday, October 8, 2012

Funny conversation with Ridge

So just has a lengthy conversation with Ridge. 
He asked me "are we having any more babies"? I told him nope we're all done having babies. 
He promptly followed with-"Well why don't we just have 2 kids?". 
I told him because I wanted 4 kids. He then says "well most people only have 2 kids and I only want 2 kids in our family." So playing along I ask him, "Ok, so if we only have 2 kids, who would we get rid of?". Without skipping a beat he say "we can get rid of Brecklynn and Brielle". I told him "Aren't you going to be so sad without them around?" Ridge then says, "ok we can keep Brielle but Brecklynn can go". 
So I keep the conversation going and ask why he doesn't like Brecklynn. 
"Because she is so mean and she thinks its funny but its not funny. She doesn't even know how to tell a joke. And she is like this tall (referring to his height) and she can't even read"
I tell him well Brielle can't read either. He then says, "Mom, she's not in your preschool yet and she's still a baby."
So I ask "So where should Brecklynn live?" 
Ridge Says, "I guess at Grandmas. Then we can see her for a little bit and leave."