Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally 4th of July

This summer has been a busy summer and full of firsts. But I need to catch up. Since school starts next week, I figure I'll FINALLY get summer done ;)

So here's Miss Brielle. She finally started walking in June. She full of animation and will talk to you all day in her own language. She's becoming more and more full of personality and we love it. She's my cuddler for sure and could sit with me for hours at a time. 
 These next pics are out of order because some are from my phone and the others from the camera. Sorry.

We started the morning off doing the typical of going to the parade where the kids actually got to go on the fire truck. They had to be up even earlier to do it but they loved it. Then we had a small pancake breakfast at nana's.

 That night we had a bbq and dessert with friends as our good friends Michael and Whitney were moving to Hawaii the next day. The kids loved playing with their friends and the guys set off some fireworks Ryan had gotten.

 Then we went to the Fireworks. Kids each got glow sticks and we sat literally under them. We kept feeling pieces hit us. Brielle quickly fell asleep during the fireworks. 

 So here's the pics from my phone. Brielle and I waiting for the parade since Curtis went with the others on the fire truck

It was a nice day. Kids had a blast.