Friday, August 10, 2012

Brecklynn turns 3!!!

With Brielle and Cambree's birthday recently, Brecklynn has been super anxious for her birthday. This is a great change from last year where you couldn't even say birthday to her without her freaking out. So it was a fun day. It was again on the day of the 24th celebration. We had all day to do something and so we decided to let the kids swim. Curtis ended up having to go rescue his uncle on Fry Mesa for a couple hours so I had to blow this pool up by myself. Not an easy task. You have 4 anxious kids who don't understand why you aren't blowing it up faster. Everything was blown up by me. I was very light headed by the end and it wasn't the fullest either. But after the 1 1/2 of blowing up, they enjoyed it for a good 30 minutes.

 Later we had the family over for a simple birthday for Brecklynn. She wanted everything Ariel this year. So this was my last minute throw together. 
 She went to the dollar store with her Aunt Tesia and she got a couple things including this cowboy hat

 GG came over and gave her some yummy cookies. This lady is the sweetest. With as many great grandkids as she has, she never forgets to tell them each happy birthday and get them something simple. Love her.