Friday, April 20, 2012


I need to make this post before I get too far behind. So its gonna be short and simple with words. We really had a great Easter. Kids had a lot of fun. I got the girls wonderful matching dressed that I LOVE. Ridge even got a matching tie. So fun!! 

 Just love this picture. Them at their finest ;)

 Since we got up at the crack of dawn, we got ready early and headed over to EAC to take some pictures. They were cute. Glad we did it!

Brecklynn wanted to be just like her sister with her pose. Love that they are so close!

 Later we headed over to Pat's for Easter dinner and a quick egg hunt with Luke and Grady. Kids loved it of course.

 Then we finished the evening off with an egg hunt and desserts with friends. It was so  much fun to watch the kiddos all together!

It was a really fun Easter!!