Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our First Cruise!

Well we finally did it, we went on our first cruise. We have been wanting to go for so long and we finally just booked it and went. It was so much fun. We really liked going by ourselves for the first time because we had to learn alot but now we know what to do different next time around :).

It was such a good trip for Curtis and I. With kids being sick non stop and just being overwhelmed period, it was a good time to take a break from everything and for Curtis and I to enjoy time together for a bit. We haven't had that in a long time. It felt weird to have no one to answer to or get back to or no agenda.

We left Sunday and of course it would be the beginning of a freak storm to hit Thatcher...and all of Arizona. It snowed Sunday and Monday. Quite the contrast of where we'd end up. We didn't get stopped by the snow but we did get stopped for 3 hours on the I-10 on our way to California. We kept saying how grateful we were that we didn't have any kids with us. We finally got to our hotel at 11:30 that night.

Next day we had time to kill till we could get on at 12:30. So we went to breakfast and Target. Curtis kept laughing at me for shopping like that because I didn't have the kids with me.

We finally got on and it was so weird. We literally just dropped our bags on the curb without talking to anyone which just felt awkward. We got on our boat and felt like we stuck out so bad. We had no clue what we could do or go. We didn't know where the free food was or how to go about anything. See...we really did have alot to learn :)

We finally started moving about 5:30. It was then that I found out to my dismay that I get sea sick. Luckily I had a little medicine with me but not enough for the hwole trip. So I was sick my first night. Yay :( Dinner was a new experience for us. We didn't know we were with a group and it was fine dining. Kind of weird. But we really liked our group. We attempted to watch kareoke later but I just was too sick to sit there. So it was an early night.

Next morning I felt better but knew it wouldn't last. The unfortunate thing with those pills is that they make you sleepy when you take them. So you either are sick or tired. But I survived. That day was Catalina day. My only goal was to get more meds. We enjoyed our first breakfast. It was a beatiful day. Perfect weather.

Here's us on our way to Catalina

On Catalina we went on a golf cart ride around the island. That was fun.
Back on, we just laid out for several hours. This was a HUGE mistake. We are white people. Haven't seen sun in a long time. Well we both got these bad sunburns but only on our legs from the knees down and on one side of the leg. I literally have a line down either leg on the front and I look super silly. Kind of ruined laying out or enjoying the sun or even the spa after that. Dang us!

This was a couple that stayed in these clothes EVERYWHERE. Was quite the spectacle. They even went on the island and Ensenda like this.

That night was formal night.

Isn't this such a prom pose :) There was so many places to take these silly poses. This was the least cheesy I think.

That night we got our first towel animal.

Next day was Ensenada day. I was so leery about getting off but Curtis wanted to try. We got off as one of the first and Curtis didn't have any clue where to go. He wanted to literally wander around. I was so not going to do that. So we headed back to get a map. Once we did we found where the little shopping district was. I don't like how the kids follow you everywhere asking for money. Really pathetic. We finally gave in at one point and gave them our pocket full of change.

This is where our room is. We were actually quite pleased with it. We were right where the stairs are. This view shows you how far down the other rooms go.

Our cabin number...

This was our last day. It was a bad day. It was all on sea and it was rocking everywhere. However I enjoyed it the most in that we were busy all day with activities. I found out that I am not one to relax for a long period of time. I don't do it well. Good to know for next time :)

This guy was a magician next to our table. He was so funny. Every night he would entertain us with his tricks. It was a lot of fun. Our dinners were great. We didn't really like the food at all but the company was a lot of fun. Ok I take that back...I loved the melting chocolate cake. I got that every night.

This was our table. Table 365!

And our last towel animal.

It was a lot of fun overall. We would love to do it again knowing what we know now.


Joy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I think it's great to get away every now and then without kids. Glad you had a great time!