Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cambree's 5th birthday pics...FINALLY!!

I've been dragging my feet on getting the kids birthday pictures taken. But I finally got some taken this past weekend. Thanks to a good friend, I am learning more about my camera and how to take better pictures. We took Brecklynn out too to get some of her, but she wasn't having any of it so this is all we got.

Cambree is so natural in front of the camera. It truly cracks me up every single time. I love it.

This is not the one I took, but its so cute!!

I am still having to learn about photoshop so these aren't edited yet, but still like how they are just out of the camera so thought I would still share. Her personality shines through!!

These are totally her own poses...she would do a pose and say how about this one mom.

This is totally her too. Despite the black lid, I like it still. This was her idea :) It worked too.


taytum said...

She is SUCH a pretty girl!!! And despite the black lid I would say that's my favorite picture of them all!