Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brecklynn's Bday!! She's 2!!!

This is obviously a bit late, but its been hectic. We celebrated her birthday actually on the 24th Saturday celebration just to make it easier on everyone.

She totally caught us all off guard this year. Cambree and Ridge at this age were so different. They both had distinct interests like princesses or tractors. Brecklynn has none. They both LOVED their birthday and were all about them, Brecklynn HATED her birthday. We first figured it out on the Sunday before her birthday. At the Allens, they always acknowledge everyone's birthday that might be coming up that week with a song and cake. Well as soon as we started Brecklynn would have nothing to do with it. She wouldn't blow out her candles or anything. Darrek on the other hand, is a trained professional. So he was excited about the whole thing. This continued all week. If we started to sing Happy Birthday or ask her if it was her birthday or how old she was, she would start yelling "no, no, I don't want my birthday". It was hilarious.

The birthday twinners....

Well I still had to do something for her despite her dislike of birthdays. This was my worst cake to date. I just had no creative juices about it and it didn't help that with how hot its been, it literally was melting on my counter. But who cares right :)

Brecklynn liked it though

Of course she didn't like this...

But she loved this...
And this...

And of course her big present was a new bike.

The next week, I had to go to my mom's for a bit to get last minute school stuff done and we did a small celebration there for her. This time luckily she didn't necessarily freak out about it but she still wouldn't blow out the candles.

So this little stinker is now 2. She is definitely become a little firecracker. She loves to scream if something doesn't go her way and throws fits all the time. Her vocab is hilarious. She loves to copy and do what her sister and brother are doing. She is still super small at only 23 pounds but she is my best eater by far. She is actively trying to learn her abcs and colors. She loves to do puzzles, color, and just play. She is a daddy's girl all the way still. I just love her so much. She's so fun. Happy Birthday Brecklynn.