Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Funnies from the past week!

This past week has produced some funny little stories that I just don't want to forget. So I am documenting them here.

Last Wednesday, when I had gone to the hospital, Tesia was here to watch the kids. Cambree and Ridge had gone to a birthday party. When they got home Tesia told them "Mom is going to have the baby today". Well Ridge promptly followed it with "So no more Brecklynn?". Tesia told him that no Brecklynn was staying and that we were getting a new baby. He got upset I guess and said that he didn't want Brecklynn because that would be 2 babies and he didn't want 2 babies.

While I was at the hospital, Tesia stayed over-night with the kids. Ridge is known for staying up til 10:30 or so every night playing. He is also known for coming up with several excuses to come up to talk to us and he always starts it with "I have to tell you a question". Well this night he came up and started with "Tesia I have to tell you a question. Can I take books into my room". She of course said no. He then said "Tesia, don't come in my room because I don't have any books in my room". She later went down and he had a stack of books in his room.

Similar story as above but this time my mom was down stairs after putting them to bed. As she was putting him to bed my mom informed him that she would be down stairs. He started to cry and say " I don't want you to stay down stairs". See, after putting him to bed he likes to go out to the toy room and play and he knew that if my mom was down there, he wouldn't get away with that.

After bringing Brielle home, my dad was holding her and Cambree was right next to him. She asked him "Grandpa, you like Brielle?" He said he did and she said "even with her 2 chins?".

I think that's it, but I knew I would forget these little stories if I didn't write them down now.


chad and lemae said...

i don't know what one is funnier Ridge not wanting 2 babies at home or Cambree saying Brielle has 2 chins. Always love a good laugh

Rachel said...

Haha! Love the double chin comment!