Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kindergarden and Preschool

These past two weeks has been an adjustment for our family. Having a kid going to school full time, for some reason, has made our lives much busier. But we are all enjoying the change...well most of us.

Cambree's first week of school, she was so excited to go every day. She was excited to wear her clothes, and make her lunch and came home every day telling me about everything she did at school. She was definitely becoming more emotional but I figure it was just the length of time being gone and just being drained from school.

Well this past Monday, she for some reason, did a 180 and started to cry about going to school, cry at school and at home would ask us to pull her out. Of course, having such an independent child as Cambree, to come home asking to be pulled out, kind of concerned me. We would dig into her concerns trying to figure out a true reason why she all of the sudden did't like school. Her reasons were actually pretty funny... "I don't want to go to school on this earth, I want to go to another earth and go to school"...or even better "I just want to go to college". Gotta love kids. So this has been a complete shock to me to have her act this way. Of all my kids, I thought she would have the easiest time going. Little did I know :) I am hoping this will pass and she will start to love school. I think she will too. Its just a huge adjustment going to school full day like that.

We'll see. Hopefully next week will be better. We've got a few things we're going to try with her...keep your fingers crossed for me!

We just completed week 2 of preschool. I have an awesome group of kids this year. Its so fun having the school year start. This age is so great. They are so eager to learn and you can see it every day they come in. I love the quick relationships I've built with them. Ridge is adjusting without Cambree by his side telling him what to do but its making him grow up too which he definitely needs. I hope this year continues as well as it has started. This is the picture from the first day of preschool. Ridge chose his hat and inisted on wearing it. Also insisted on not holding the sign that stated it was his first day of school....yep he's stubborn ;)

So school is officially in full swing!!