Friday, February 11, 2011

Pregnancy Reflections

I know you're shocked-this isn't a post about the house. Quite frankly I need a mental and emotional break from the entire thing. So the next big thing on my plate is well of course being pregnant.

Most know this is my last pregnancy. I know I have had a ton of people say I'll change my mind later. However I am SURE I am done. I know I will probably get baby hungry and miss having a small baby but I can only feasibly handle 4 kids :) So with that, I have been pondering on the fact that this is my last pregnancy and all the things that go a long with that and wanted to record some thoughts about pregnancy in general just for fun to reflect on later.

I have been very blessed being pregnant. I have never had any serious problems being pregnant. Same with my deliveries- I've been very lucky to never have any issues and I hope to keep that streak going with this last one. That being said, I am one of the 'unusual' in that I don't enjoy pregnancy. I don't like being pregnant and all that goes with it. Its just not something I can say I look forward to.

For the most part I never notice myself that I am pregnant until my 6 month or so. Then my body really starts to scream 'I'm Pregnant'!! I always show extremely early. In fact, here I am in my 27th week and getting flooded with comments that 'Wow you look like you could go any day'. Then I pleasantly have to explain I still have 3 months. I just 'love' that part about pregnancy :)

I hate being out of breathe. It makes me feel so out of shape. I get up and walk around my house and clean for about an hour and I feel like I just ran a marathon. Sleep is so hard at this stage of pregnancy. I can NEVER get comfortable. I am either too hot, or my body just can't get into the right position to be happy.

Ever since being pregnant with Ridge, I have had issues with my back when I'm pregnant. I feel so dumb cause I get to a point where I look like the typical waddling pregnant girl when I get up. My hips and back go out when I sit down and the first couple steps I take upon getting up really hurt and I look really funny until they sink back into place.

Bending down is so fun. I forget and forget and forget that I have a huge belly and will try to do a drop pick-up and I am quickly reminded of this thing attached to me. Curtis loves to watch me put on my shoes or sweep up with the dust pan or even put on my pants trying to balance. Along with that I will forget that I have a huge belly when I am close to anything. I cannot tell you how many times I have bumped into someone with my belly or into a wall because I have forgotten I have a huge belly to take into account.

You know that 'glow' you're supposed to get when you're pregnant. I don't think I ever get that 'glow'. Like I said, I don't like pregnancy and the way I look pregnant. I have always envied those cute little girls with their cute little bellies (you know who you are). It cracks me up when I am talking to a fellow pregnant momma and they mention how they feel like a whale. I have to laugh inside because I am usually twice their belly size. Most girls grow out of their shirts in their last month. I am struggling now. I have no shirts at all. So getting dressed and feeling cute pregnant is quite a feat. It drives Curtis crazy how I will change my clothes a couple times on Sundays getting ready. I wish we could get a pardon to wear pjs to church when you get to this point :).

But besides all those things, I am going to miss a few things with pregnancy. The biggest thing I will is the little movements you get to feel. Definitely a special bond that I treasure. Sure it hurts at times and does keep me up at night but this is a sensation I will miss in years to come. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing that has given me 3 absolutely wonderful kids and I am excited to see how this last child comes and what it brings to our little family.

So only 3 more months and then this final pregnancy will be over. Mixed emotions but overrall I am excited about the next chapter in my life as well as the next chapter in our family's as we all grow old and move through the next stages of life together.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tile is done!!

We are almost there!! Yesterday the tile was officially finished.

Here's the master bath with the walk-in shower.

Inside our shower.
This is the master bath sinks that I didn't take a picture of earlier

This is the powder bath. Yes that is paint chips all the way around from the tape.

This is downstairs in the kids bath-

So now we are left with a really really really dirty house that I have the joy of cleaning :) But hopefully it won't be too bad. We're close. We'll see how close though this weekend.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Countertops and tile!!

This past week, Curtis and I made the oh so fun trip to the valley to get our granite. This was an interesting process for sure. We didn't have a lot of choices at all and so what we got wouldn't be my first pick-but its ok. Curtis and Chace worked on getting them in today. They got the outer counters of the kitchen in and our master in. The island will be another feat for another day. Its HUGE and will take over 6 guys to get it in. We also did a darker brown for the island.

Tile has also been going in this week. What a mess. Its depressing to see all the mess it creates, but I have to keep telling myself, we're on the tail end of it all and soon this construction will all be done.

Tile should be completely done on Monday and then we are on the home stretch.

All 3 kids loved playing for hours outside and getting head to toe filthy. Brecklynn loved this old go cart since it was her size and she could get in it herself.

Here's the guys getting the granite cut. What a process. Sad to think this was a nice day and it was in the low 50's. :)