Saturday, February 5, 2011

Countertops and tile!!

This past week, Curtis and I made the oh so fun trip to the valley to get our granite. This was an interesting process for sure. We didn't have a lot of choices at all and so what we got wouldn't be my first pick-but its ok. Curtis and Chace worked on getting them in today. They got the outer counters of the kitchen in and our master in. The island will be another feat for another day. Its HUGE and will take over 6 guys to get it in. We also did a darker brown for the island.

Tile has also been going in this week. What a mess. Its depressing to see all the mess it creates, but I have to keep telling myself, we're on the tail end of it all and soon this construction will all be done.

Tile should be completely done on Monday and then we are on the home stretch.

All 3 kids loved playing for hours outside and getting head to toe filthy. Brecklynn loved this old go cart since it was her size and she could get in it herself.

Here's the guys getting the granite cut. What a process. Sad to think this was a nice day and it was in the low 50's. :)