Thursday, January 13, 2011


The kids have been so funny lately. I just thought I would take a second to document some of their little funnies before I forget.

Brecklynn has been all about what everyone else does lately. Every morning she LOVES and BEGS to get her hair done and insists on bows in her hair. She also likes to stand with me in the bathroom and watch and 'put on' make up with me. Quite cute ;).

Ridge and her have the cutest relationship. Whenever one or the other wakes up, the other gets excited and they have to give eachother a long hug that usually lasts awhile. Then they end up in a wrestling match where Brecklynn is holding onto Ridge from behind.

Brecklynn loves to give hugs to her siblings right now. Cambree doesn't enjoy the love as much but we're working with her :)

Brecklynn refuses to talk. Yep she is like her brother yet again. She totally could talk but she chooses not to. She understands everything you say to her. She does say shoes, mom, dad, nana, and little (as in Nana and Papa's dog) and recently says pretty. Just frustrating to have her choose not to talk. But that's her!!

She is truly the funniest baby I know. Her facial expressions and her body movements. Every evening she gets into the mood that just cracks you up. She does and says funny things. I love it.

Its been so stink'n cold that the kids have hardly had any time outside in a very long time. Today was the first reasonable day that they were able to go out and enjoy some time in the sun. They all insisted on having strollers and babies-yes Ridge too.

These next couple pictures literally crack me up and really show Ridge's personality lately. He's so emotional and 'bi-polar' with his mood swings that it really drives me crazy. But pictures bring out the humor in these things.

So here he is taking a picture for me. Then I ask him to show me his stroller and baby....
The blanket fell off-that's it- and look at his reaction.

Total melt down.

I still get amazed at how quickly he can change his mood. Truly gets me at my breaking point really fast-but I am hoping its just a phase.

Cambree. Well she's still the same ol' Cambree just getting more and more in the 'teenager' attitude. She is too smart for her own good, let alone her age. She is all about helping me out lately. We started doing chores and I was leery about how this would go. She reminds me that she has chores and loves to do them. We'll see how long it lasts, but hey I'll take it.

I am wondering how they all will be in the new house. With Ridge in a new room alone, I wonder if he will last in there. Currently they've been in their room for over 2 hours for bed and they are all up and playing hard. You continuously hear laughing and playing. We don't care until they come out. But I truly wonder how nights will go in the new house. My heart kind of breaks for this change because these are definitely sweet moments I will miss hearing.

I'm excited to see what kid #4 will do to this dynamic. Gonna be interesting for sure.