Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ridge's 3rd Birthday and update

For Ridge's 3rd birthday, we went to the valley to celebrate. He was so excited to have another birthday. All day-like last time- he asked when his birthday would be. Grandma Meikle went all out and even got balloons for him. Truly made his day.

This picture was to help postpone his patience as we waited for the birthday to really begin :)

Tucker and Grace (Bonnie's kids) came to the party and Tucker loved watching Ridge really close.
Grace helped read a new book that Great Grandma Meikle gave Cambree. It was so cute to watch them together.

He got to stay with Grandma Meikle for a couple more days and got a remote control car from his Aunt Chelsie that he LOVES!! He really enjoyed his birthday this year and it was really fun experiencing this birthday with him. I can't believe he is 3!!