Thursday, May 27, 2010

These Boots Are Made for Walking...right?

Well today I got to experience through Ridge, what happens when you put your foot in a boot that holds a scorpion. Yep, a scorpion. So are you ready to laugh with me? Just adds to my recent lucky days right?

Poor guy. I knew the minute he put his feet in the boots and started screaming, what happened. I tried to knock it out but it was being stubborn. So I filled them with water and there it was floating to the top of the boot. My heart sank when I actually saw it. It was a good size one.

Ridge was freaking out!! I mean screaming and crying. Not fun at all. I called my mother-in-law to figure out what I should do. Ironically Curtis just had gotten bit about a week ago and I saw him go through all the pain from it. Ridge is so little that I started figuring the worst for him. He was already having problems breathing. My MIL came over and I had Ridge in the sink running cold water on it. He seemed to do ok with water on it but take it away, he would scream. I read up on the internet that you need to elevate it so we forced him to lay on the couch and placed a cold compress on it. He was shaking from the pain and crying. I felt so bad. I hate that feeling of watching your little one go through pain like that and able to do nothing. He finally fell fast asleep from the benedryl and just sheer exhaustion. Luckily I think he'll be ok. My Father-in-law and brother-in-law were so sweet to come give him a blessing which I truly feel helped him heal so fast. He is able to be still and ok with it and not have it hurt too bad. He's tried to walk on it a couple times and he freaks out because I am sure it still hurts.

Here he is literally knocked out. He was jerking all over.

This is how he's been the rest of the day.

I have to say a huge thanks to my mother-in-law for coming to help out, father-in-law and Ty for giving Ridge a blessing and Chace and Rachel for coming and bringing us a wonderful batch of chicken noodle soup.

Curtis finally found out about everything too by the way but it was quite fun filling him in on everything these past 24 hours have brought to us. Here's to 24 more right ?


chad and lemae said...

oh poor guy! I hope tomorrow will be better

Lunt Family said...

Oh Chantel, I am so sorry for your run of bad luck. I hope everything improves with sleep. At least you look fabulous going through all this.

Rachel said...

Your family has had some seriously bad luck lately! Glad Ridge is doing better!