Sunday, August 30, 2009


Anyone who really knows my family, know Ridge's obsession with tractors. No matter where we drive, he can pick out a tractor. He loves BIG tractors, little tractors, anything that even slightly resembles a tractor. Darren, my brother-in-law had all these tractors in a semi circle and we knew Ridge would love to go look at them. My plan is to actually blow some of these up for a poster of some kind for his room. We'll see. But we did get some cute shots. Here's a few of them.

These are all the tractors lined up. He was in heaven!!

A famous look of Ridge- looks like he is pointing at the John Deere emblem. So cute!!

I told him I wanted to take a picture and so he positioned himself this way- straddling the machine.

While we were there, we got to see the train go by. It was Ridge's first time seeing it that close. He always hears it and can pick out the sound from anything. He loved seeing it that close.

Just a precious picture of my boys. Love it!


Lori said...

What a cutie! Love the picture of your BOYS!

ShanBehr said...

How cute. Ridge is definately a cutie. I love his picture with the tractor wheel.

Marie said...

Hey Chantel, What was the name of the furniture store in Gilbert where you ordered your couches?
If you could pass it on, I'd appreciate it:)