Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How does your garden grow?!

This year was my first attempt at having a garden. Truly I was very worried that I had a black thumb and that nothing would grow. Well to my great surprise, everything has grown beautifully. I have already gotten 8 tomatoes with approximately 15 to 20 more on the vine still, 3 bell peppers, and my pumpkin plant has grown amazingly. I have never seen a pumpkin plant before so I didn't know how big it could grow. It has completely taken over my garden. I am actually quite worried about it. It is starting to spread to places I can't have it spreading. There is about 10 pumpkins already growing and probably about another 10 if not more, buds starting to form. So I am excited but not sure how to maintain it. If there are any garden experts out there that could shed some light on the best way to handle this growing problem :) I would greatly appreciate it.

So pretty much all that green is the pumpkin plant. See how its arms are just growing out of control....
Two of the growing pumpkins