Friday, May 8, 2009

Preschool Mother's Day Tea!!

Today was our Mother's Day Tea for my preschool. I think it went relatively well besides ending way earlier than expected :) The kids were so excited to have their mom's come to preschool and to pamper them for the day. It was so hot outside so we resorted to setting up under the porch in hopes it would be a bit cooler. We had many little activities for them to do for their mom's including first making a lei or flower necklace for their mom's.

My sweet Grandma Allen hosted it at her house since our grass still hasn't yet showed itself in our yard. She also took my place with Cambree since I had to run the event. It's neat Cambree got to have her great-grandma there with her.

Each kid got to paint their mom's nails. They turned out great with a couple colors for each mom :)

The kids then enjoyed 'shaving' their mom's legs with popsicle sticks. Made for some good laughs. I especially love the mom's faces in these pictures.

Then they massaged their backs....

We finished off the day with some cute little poems, refrehments and cute pictures.

Dathan with his mom 

Elly's little sister Reagan looking so cute...

Rylee with her mom 
Elly with her mom
Carter with him mom (he has the cutest smile)
Cambree with her great-grandma

It was a lot of fun despite the heat. I hope everyone who came enjoyed it as well and has a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!


peachytiffers said...

I love your background! Those ideas are sooo creative and cute. The pics really show the fun had from both the moms and the kids. Soooo cute!!!

Becky said...

Cute pictures, but Blah! I always hate seeing picture of myself, especially prego. Thanks for the fun day of pampering, it was lots of fun. I may have to steal them for my blog.

Erin said...

Hey! I would LOVE to take Cambree's pictures. To do both your kids I would charge $35. Email me if you're still interested and we can set up a place and time.

Erin said...

P.S. And leave your phone number in the email too.