Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years! End of the Year!

These pictures are from my phone so they are all out of place but still wanted to document them. We had a great Christmas and wondeful New Years. We ended up doing a last minute trip to the valley for New Years which was a lot of fun. All my siblings showed up and we played games and laughed like crazy. It was a lot of fun. Cambree and Ridge had fun too staying up for their first New Years. Yes I say first New Years because the past of years, we have been in bed by 10 on New Years. I can't believe its 2013. I am so excited about this next year and all the things our family will go through! Happy New Year!!

Chimmy said good bye by bringing the kids pjs and a scavenger hunt for Christmas Eve.
 Cookies and milk for Santa
 New Years Eve
 Cambree wrote a letter to Chimmy. It was so cute :)