Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The past month

We've been busy getting back into the swing of things with school starting and all the new activities the kids are involved in. So its been a bit since I've posted. 

Here's Ridge in one of the classes 
 Brecklynn in Ironman :)
 Cambree went to a cheerleading camp on one Saturday adn learned a cheer and dnace and then performed it the following Friday at the Thatcher football game. At first she wasn't having it at all and I was afraid she wouldn't end up doing it. Then she saw her teacher and she told her how excited she was to see her do the dance and Cambree did a 180 and did it and loved it. So proud that she did it. 
 Her 'boyfriend' Carter Peck. 

 That Saturday I got to go to the valley to visit with my good friend Whitney who was here from Maui to have her baby. Sure miss her. Curtis was so sweet to watch the kids so I could go and when I got back, the house was completely clean. Great day!
The other half of the class

 I failed to post these from the first day of school but here's Brecklynn on the first day of preschool
 Ridge, Brecklynn and Brielle :) She had to be apart of it all too

Today is actually Ridge's birthday so I will be posting shortly about all that.