Monday, February 20, 2012

Brielle is 9 months

She's like 9 1/2 months actually but its ok.

Here's her stats before I forget
She is 16 pounds.

She is getting so big. I cannot believe she is so old already. At the beginning of January she finally got her first 2 teeth. It has been a long time coming. She is a hard teether. She almost gets a tooth and then it disappears. Just like Ridge was. Her hair is finally getting thicker. People call her a skunk because of the thicker stripe down the middle of her head. We can finally put it in a little do'. Its pretty cute.

She is on EVERYTHING. She is climbing on EVERYTHING. She is a super crawler and gets everywhere fast!!

She still does her monster noise and doggy pant which is hilarious.

When she's hungry and she sees food she will grunt until you give it to her. She loves ANY food.

She has started standing by herself for longer and longer times.

She loves to attack you all over with her open mouth. So I constantly have wet spots literally all over my clothes.

She is suffering right now from croup which has been hard. I hate seeing her sick but she still tries so hard to be happy.

She has a special relationship with her siblings and loves her daddy. Whenever he comes home he has to hold her. She loves to play on the couch. If she could, she'd play on it all day long.

Her smile is contagious :)

I just love this shot, she looks so guilty for pulling Ridge's mask down :)